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How do Amish discipline children?-Why Amish believe in disciplining children; discipline in schools; behavior of Amish children

How many children do Amish have?-Typical Amish family sizes; family sizes among different Amish groups

Where are Amish babies born?-Amish births in hospitals, birthing centers and at home; reasons for some Amish preferring home birth; controversy concerning home birth

What do Amish eat?-Description of Amish diets, including home-grown and store-bought foods, Amish baked goods and prepared meals, restaurant food; consumption of alcohol among Amish; Sunday church meal; changes in Amish diets

Do Amish visit doctors?-Amish approach to medical care; Amish and medical insurance; relationship with medical professionals; long-distance travel for medical care; traditional remedies among Amish

Do Amish have genetic disorders?-Types of genetic diseases seen in Amish and Mennonite populations; reasons for hereditary diseases; treatment for genetic disorders

How do Amish heat their homes?-Use of gas, coal, and wood stoves and ovens to heat Amish homes

How do Amish wash clothes?-Use of wringer washers; how Amish power wringer washers; drying clothing

What are Amish homes like?

Where do Amish go shopping?-Discussion of various venues Amish shop, including dry goods and salvage stores; Wal-Mart and other supermarkets; Spector’s; auctions; mail-order

When do Amish get married?-typical age at marriage; requirements for being married; Amish views on remarriage

What are common Amish names?-Most common last names in Pennsylvania and Midwest;  Swiss Amish last names; common Amish first names; Amish nicknames

What is Rumspringa?-A discussion of the Amish youth period Rumspringa, the purpose of Rumspringa, myths connected to Rumspringa, youth behavior, Lancaster County drug bust and media portrayals of Rumspringa

Do Amish women have rights?-A discussion of typical roles of Amish women; the position of Amish women compared to Amish men; working Amish females; the question of Amish women’s levels of happiness

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  1. Joe


    I would like to get a recipe book of all the food & deserts.

  2. Terrie


    why do married Amish men grow beards and the unmarried do not