Amish don’t drive cars, but for most, catching a ride is okay

amish ride carsYou won’t catch too many Amish behind the wheel of an automobile.  But you’ll often see them riding shotgun.  People sometimes wonder why Amish ride in cars, but do not drive them.

Amish do accept rides, and also often hire non-Amish to drive them places.  A business owner may travel to and from work sites with an English employee doing the driving.  An Amish housewife might ride in a van along with other Amish women to do a large shopping trip.  Amish families may ride in a similar van for an out-of-state trip to visit relatives.  Amish hire what are known as “Amish taxis”–non-Amish drivers who make a living by driving the Amish.

Amish take issue with ownership and operation of the car.  For the Amish, ownership of a car would threaten the community and family.  The car is a tool that takes members far from home.  Amish feel it has the potential to break down the bonds of their society.  Thus they keep the car at arm’s length.

However, they are practical and know that they sometimes need to travel by car.  There are few Amish groups who even restrict this practice, however.  Read more on why Amish drive buggies.
Photo credit: s_karr

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