An Amish pen pal relationship can be rewarding

amish pen palWe often get asked here at Amish America about how to find an Amish pen-pal.  Amish do correspond with “English” friends and acquaintances.  Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of requests, we’re not able to match individuals up with Amish pen-pals.

However, that does not mean that you can’t try to find an Amish pen pal, and with a bit of motivation, you may even find success.   Here are a few ideas on how you might do that:

How to find an Amish pen pal

  1. Get to know some Amish people. This is probably the best way.  Next time you are visiting an Amish community, strike up conversation with the owner of a business, such as a roadside stand, quilt shop, or furniture company.  Depending on the type of business, Amish business people tend to be oriented to the non-Amish public.  Getting to know someone face-to-face is a great way to stimulate interest in a pen-pal relationship.  You might even leave your contact information behind with an invitation to drop you a line sometime, or even send a note thanking the Amish proprietor for their time and letting them know how you’ve enjoyed their pie/quilt/handcrafted furniture item.
  2. Get to know some people who know some Amish people. You may have a relative, friend, or business acquaintance that has contact with Amish families.  This may be a good outlet to express your interest and make contact.  Share a bit about who you are and why you are interested.  Amish are often interested in contact with non-Amish individuals.  Amish typically lead busy lives, but writing letters is one hobby enjoyed by many.

There are probably other ways to find an Amish pen pal in addition to these.  Another thing that might help you connect with Amish is to learn more about Amish beliefs and practices.

Amish people appreciate a genuine desire to understand their faith, beliefs, and motivations.  To learn more about Amish life, try this list of commonly-asked questions about Amish. Also, subscribe to this blog to receive updates, news, and information on Amish communities.

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