Amish do not wear jewelry

amish wedding ringThe wedding ring is an important symbol of marriage in modern culture.

However Amish married couples do not wear wedding rings, or jewelry in general.  Jewelry is seen as drawing attention to the body and thus encouraging pride.

When an Amish couple is married, the officiating Bishop will place his hands upon the couple’s clasped hands and give a blessing (Amish Society, John Hostetler, p. 195).  But Amish do not carry or wear anything commemorating their union.

However, in many communities men begin growing beards upon marriage, and women’s dress may change as well too.   An Amish woman may wear a different color prayer covering on her head.

Amish may also receive personalized wedding presents including their names and the marriage date, such as a porch planter or bench furniture.

Despite the lack of a symbolic ring, Amish treat marriage as a lifelong commitment.  Read more about typical Amish marriage age, and what Amish think about divorce.

Photo credit: Ruddington Photos

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