Amish see Biblical reasons for women covering their heads

amish woman head coverAmish women are almost always seen wearing a prayer covering (the term “bonnet” is often misapplied here; a bonnet is a larger covering that one would wear over a prayer covering in certain situations, for example while traveling and being outside).

Amish see scriptural justification for women wearing head coverings.  They base this practice in a number of Biblical passages, in particular from the book of 1 Corinthians.  Amish see similar justification for other Plain clothing practices.

Amish women pin their long hair up underneath their prayer coverings, which they remove in the evening.  Women also brush their hair in the morning or in the evening.

Prayer coverings have come to be a symbolic marker of Amish society, along with other Plain people.  Prayer coverings vary both among the Amish and other Plain groups such as Mennonites and Hutterites.

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Photo credit: melystu

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