Amish hold auctions year-round

amish auctionAuctions are popular among Amish.  They serve as a venue to do business, socialize, and often to support a worthy cause.  Amish put on auctions year-round, with more occurring in the warmer months.

Haiti auctions

Amish and Mennonites have been putting on auctions in support of mission work in Haiti for many years.  Haiti auctions occur in a number of settlements across the country, including at Mount Hope in Holmes County, Ohio; Arthur, Illinois; Lancaster County; Shipshewana, Indiana; and Pinecraft in Florida.  Haiti auctions also take place in Kentucky and New York.  Haiti auctions typically occur in the summertime, though the Shipshewana auction occurs in late May or early June, and the Florida Haiti auction usually takes place in January.

Mud Sales

Mud sales are popular auctions organized by Amish in Lancaster County and its environs.  Mud sales are typically held in late winter and early spring, though may run into the summer.  Mud sales are named after the condition of the fields on which they are held (with dirt turning to mud during the spring thaw).  A listing of this year’s Amish Mud Sales.

Amish school auctions

amish auction parking

Buggy parking at an Amish auction in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

School auctions are put on by Amish frequently in order to raise money for the operation of their private schools.  Amish school auctions are typically advertised locally.  To find an Amish school auction, check local shops and restaurants for flyers.  Auctions are typically held on school grounds or nearby.

Other Amish auctions

Amish put on benefit auctions for a variety of causes.  One popular venue is the Clinic for Special Children benefit auction, in support of a Strasburg, Pennsylvania clinic which helps Amish and Mennonite youth afflicted with genetic diseases.  This Amish and Mennonite-run auction occurs each summer at Leola auction house in Lancaster County, among other venues in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Other auctions may be held to help out with medical bills or to raise money after natural disasters.

Livestock and horse auctions are popular venues to purchase farm animals.  Other auctions may specialize in farm equipment.  Buggy sales are popular as well.  A large one is held each year at Gordonville in Lancaster County.

Auctions occur frequently in other communities as well, including New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, and Dover, Delaware.  Information on Amish auctions may be available online in some cases, or auctions may be advertised in local newspapers and in shops and restaurants within a community.

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