Where can I find an Amish auction?

Amish hold auctions year-round

amish auctionAuctions are popular among the Amish. They are a way to do business, socialize – and often to support a worthy cause. Amish put on auctions year-round, with more occurring in the warmer months.

Mud Sales

Mud sales are popular auctions organized by Amish in Lancaster County and its environs. Mud sales are typically held in late winter and early spring, though may run into the summer. Mud sales are named after the condition of the fields on which they are held (with dirt turning to mud during the spring thaw). Check out a listing of this year’s Amish Mud Sales.

Amish school auctions

School auctions are put on by Amish frequently in order to raise money for the operation of their private schools.  Amish school auctions are typically advertised locally. To find an Amish school auction, check local shops and restaurants for flyers. Auctions are typically held on school grounds or nearby.

Example of an Amish school benefit auction bill. Seymour, Iowa

Haiti auctions

Amish and Mennonites have been putting on auctions in support of mission work in Haiti for many years. Haiti auctions occur in a number of settlements across the country, including at Mount Hope in Holmes County, Ohio; Arthur, Illinois; Lancaster County; Shipshewana, Indiana; and Pinecraft in Florida. Haiti auctions also take place in Kentucky and New York. Haiti auctions typically occur in the summertime, though the Shipshewana auction occurs in late May or early June, and the Florida Haiti auction usually takes place in January.

Other Amish auctions

Amish put on benefit auctions for a variety of causes. One popular venue is the Clinic for Special Children benefit auction, in support of a Strasburg, Pennsylvania clinic which helps Amish and Mennonite youth afflicted with genetic diseases. This Amish and Mennonite-run auction occurs each summer at Leola auction house in Lancaster County, among other venues in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Other auctions may be held to help out with medical bills or to raise money after natural disasters.

amish auction parking
Buggy parking at an Amish auction in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

Livestock and horse auctions are popular venues to purchase farm animals. Other auctions may specialize in farm equipment. Buggy sales are popular as well. A large one is held each year at Gordonville in Lancaster County. Estate auctions are another regular occurrence among the Amish. And Amish people exiting farming, or moving to a distant community, will hold farm sales to sell livestock and equipment which can’t be easily transported long distances.

Auctions occur frequently in other communities as well, including New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, and Dover, Delaware. Information on Amish auctions may be available online in some cases, or auctions may be advertised in local newspapers and in shops and restaurants within a community.

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    1. Marilyn Riley

      Are they just run by the Amish or who?
      Can anyone go to the Amish auctions at any time or are they just for the Amish?
      How many times a year do the Amish have them and what all do they sell?

    2. Rich K

      Here is a list of some mud sales in Pennsylvania that I found for 2011. Hope this helps

      2011 Mud Sales
      February 26
      Strasburg Spring Consignment & Mud Sale
      8 a.m., Strasburg Fire Company #1, 203 Franklin St., Strasburg. 717-687-7232 or Strasburg Fire Co. website
      Furniture, antiques, quilts, crafts, farm machinery, horses, mules, tools, groceries, fruit, homemade food.

      March 5
      Bart Township Annual Auction/Mud Sale
      8:30 a.m., Bart Twp. Fire Company, 11 Furnace Rd., Quarryville. 717-786-3348 or Bart Twp. Fire Co. website
      Antiques, quilts, furniture, new & used equipment, small goods, hay & straw, livestock, buggies, tools, crafts and food.

      March 12
      Gordonville Spring Mud Sale & Auction
      8:30 a.m., Gordonville Fire Company, Old Leacock Rd., Gordonville. 717-768-3869 or Gordonville Fire Co. website
      The largest firemen’s auction/sale on the East Coast, featuring 500-600 Amish quilts, antiques, collectibles, new & used furniture, tools, farm equipment, horses, mules, buggies, lawn & garden, barns, utility sheds & trailers, construction equipment.
      Craft show: March 7, 6-9 p.m.

      March 19
      Bart Township Building Materials Mud Sale
      8:30 a.m., Bart Twp. Fire Company, 11 Furnace Rd., Quarryville. 717-786-3348 or Bart Twp. Fire Co. website
      Wood and aluminum siding, windows, doors, paneling, bath tubs, wash bowls, lumber and food.

      March 19
      Penryn Fire Company 3rd Annual Mud Sale
      8:30 a.m., Penryn Fire Company #1, 1441 N. Penryn Rd., Penryn. 717-664-2825 or Penryn Fire Co. website
      Woodcrafts, furniture, antiques, quilts, crafts, farm equipment, food and more.

      March 26
      Gap Annual Spring Mud Sale/Auction
      8 a.m., Gap Fire Company, 802 Pequea Ave., Gap. 717-442-8100
      Horse-drawn carriages, buggies, wagons, new & used furniture, quilts, crafts, dry goods, groceries and more.

      April 2
      Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire Company Mud Sale
      7 a.m. breakfast, Robert Fulton Fire Company, 2271 Robert Fulton Hwy., Peach Bottom, 717-548-8995
      Crafts, plants, tools, antiques, farm equipment, furniture, food, buggies, wagons, groceries, horses.

      April 9
      Rawlinsville Annual Mud Sale
      8 a.m., Rawlinsville Fire Company, 33 Martic Heights Dr., Holtwood. 717-284-3023
      Quilts, horses, crafts, building materials, lawn equipment, new and used furniture.

      May 14 *NEW DATE*
      Honeybrook Annual Auction/Mud Sale
      8 a.m., Honeybrook Fire Company, 679 Firehouse Ln., Honeybrook. 610-273-2688
      Quilts, crafts, new furniture, Winross trucks, Smuckers bells, farm-related supplies, tools, buggies, heifers..

      June 24
      Bird-in-Hand Mud Sale
      8 a.m., Along Rt. 340 (Old Philadlephia Pike) across from Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant, 717-392-0112
      Antiques, harness and tack, specialty items, quilts, crafts, carriages, buggies, wagons and food.

      June 25
      Refton Fire Company Sale
      7 a.m. breakfast, Refton Fire Company, 99 Church Street, 717-786-9462
      Hardware, shop tools, plants, furniture, antiques, crafts, hay and straw, quilts, horses, food and more.

      August 27
      Kinzers Fire Company Mud Sale
      7 a.m. breakfast, Kinzers Fire Company, 3521 Lincoln Highway East, 717-442-4121
      Plants, groceries, antiques, furniture, lumber, tack, sheds and gazebos, equipment, buggies, quilts, horses.

      1. Jerry

        I try to avoid the Lancester County auctions. They are huge but not the real deal. I tend to hit the ones west of the Susquahanna river so I enjoy the authentic Amish spirit. Beaver Springs in Danville is the best, Gratz Fairgrounds have two each year. Perry County has an amazing experience. Port Treverton in Synder County is a must hit each year. Beaver Springs (Jack’s Mountain) is as close to the Amish as yo will ever see and it’s a very good time. The Lancaster County auctins are nothing more that Philly and Main Line tourist traps. Over priced and tons of repoductions. Hit the Lebanon County sales instead for the real experiences.

        1. Bill Barr

          Great People and Great Food!!

          You need to head up to Crawford, Mercer, Butler Counties in Pa and Austubulia and Gauga Counties in Ohio. You will find great deals friendly English and Amish people wonderful food and if you get to New Wilmington Pa try to find some great snitzboy it is made with dried apples and they alone are worth the trip west.

    3. Susan H

      Honey Brook Mud Sale May 13th

      The Honey Brook mud sale on May 13th is not at the firehall address listed in the previous note. It’s on route 322 just west of route 82 at the Romano 4-H center grounds. It’s always a great, huge sale. Anyone can attend these mud sales and there is no entrance fee.

      1. Bill Barr

        Take some gelt

        There is no fee for admission but take some gelt (money) along anyway. If you don’t you’ll miss out on some great food.

    4. Susan H

      May 14th Honey Brook Mud Sale

      Oops, the Honey Brook sale is May 14th, not the 13th.

    5. Lesa Miller


      Do you know where I can find a Amish Auction in Oklahoma, I have heard there is one the first weekend of the month, I thought is was in Chouteau, Oklahoma. Thanks for any help.
      Lesa Miller

      1. Bill Barr

        Two or more

        If you find two Amishmen your going to find a Auctioneer standing between them. The Amish love a good Auction. So if your close to a Amish Community stop at a Amish business and ask. Buy at least something they have for sale in the store you stop at or ask if you can buy a dozen eggs if it’s a shop that does not have something you can use. The folks in the store or shop will gladly tell you about up coming Auctions.

        1. Linda

          Looking for the local auction being held 8/28 at a firehall

          Would you be aware of the name of the local firehall that is holding a textile auction on 8/28/21? I’ve misplaced the name of the firehall given to me by a local resident when I was visiting last month. If you can lend a hand, it would be greatly appreciated!


        Amish Auctions in Oklahoma

        Lesa, I realize you asked your question in 2011, but in case you haven’t gotten a response, on the 2nd Sat. of September every year, there is a big Amish auction in Clarita, OK. It’s located at 37129 OK-31, Coalgate, OK about 2 miles north of Clarita off State Highway 31. Most of the booths will open around 7:00-8:00 a.m. Auctions begin at 8:00 a.m. It happens rain or shine. Check here for more: https://www.claritaoklahoma.com/auction.html. I live near Chouteau, but don’t know of any auctions there.

    6. Theresa

      Amish Auction

      Are there any Amsih auctions held in South East Mi? It seem to me there is one up in Clare, but that is too far to drive with a poorly running vehicle. I know there is an Amish settlement in Brown City MI. are there ever any auctions in that area?

      Thank You Theresa

    7. Wanda Dickerson

      Forest Park Quilters Club

      Could you please give me the dates of the Quilt and Craft show to be held in Febuary, 2012 in Pinecraft, Florida. Thank you

      1. Linda

        Wanda, I guess we missed the 2012 quilt and craft show in Pinecraft, FL. Next year is another chance. At the Palm Grove Church, a Quilt and Craft Show and Sale will be held Feb. 6-9, 2013. Quilts can be checked in February 4 and 5.

    8. Karen Donovan

      auction dates for pa.

      I was wondering if you might have a list of the lancaster pa. Mud sale dates & places for 2012.
      Thank You & Blessings

    9. 2012 Lancaster County Mud Sale Schedule

      Looks like the Lancaster Mud Sales start next week Karen. Here are the first few mud sale events (Strasburg, Bart, Gordonville), and you can find the rest at the link below. I’m not sure if they add any more, but the schedule on the site I’ve given you looks pretty full, going into October:

      February 25
      Strasburg Spring Consignment & Mud Sale
      8 a.m., Strasburg Fire Company #1, 203 Franklin St., Strasburg. 717-687-7232 or Strasburg Fire Co. website
      Furniture, antiques, quilts, crafts, farm machinery, horses, mules, tools, groceries, fruit, homemade food.

      March 3 & March 17
      Bart Township Annual Auction/Mud Sale
      8:30 a.m., Bart Twp. Fire Company, 11 Furnace Rd., Quarryville. 717-786-3348 or Bart Twp. Fire Co. website
      Antiques, quilts, furniture, new & used equipment, small goods, hay & straw, livestock, buggies, tools, crafts and food.

      March 10
      Gordonville Spring Mud Sale & Auction
      8:30 a.m., Gordonville Fire Company, Old Leacock Rd., Gordonville. 717-768-3869 or Gordonville Fire Co. website
      The largest firemen’s auction/sale on the East Coast, featuring 500-600 Amish quilts, antiques, collectibles, new & used furniture, tools, farm equipment, horses, mules, buggies, lawn & garden, barns, utility sheds & trailers, construction equipment.
      Craft show: March 7, 6-9 p.m.


    10. Karen Donovan

      Thank You

      Thank You for the quick & complete reply
      Blessings for a Good Day.

    11. Wyndy

      Hello all, I am looking for any and all amish auctions for 2012 in Wisconsin, and thanking you in advance for your help.

    12. Nelson

      Look online at bonduelamishauction.com

      1. Amish Observer

        Response to Nelson & others referring to look on line

        People, please don’t direct a person to look on line. It’s very difficult to find the WI one’s on line. If you know where to look on line…perhaps you could help us all out and look it up for us and then post it for everyone.

    13. Nelson

      Am sorry, I said wrong,,,it is. Google. Amish Quilt Auction Brodhead Wisconsin. and also,,, Amish Quilt Auction Bonduel Wisconsin

      1. Lin

        Bonduel Auction

        Bonduel, Wisconsin Consignment Auction
        Quilts, Crafts, Furniture
        Saturday, September 1, 2012.
        Auctions held Saturday on Mother’s Day weekend and Saturday on Labor Day weekend.

    14. Auctions

      Does anybody know when shipshawana spring auction is

    15. Marijane grassie

      Amish auctions and mud sales in pa. And ny

      Would like dates for auctions and mud sales in ny and pa.

      1. Sandy Field

        amish mud auctions in ny or pa

        I would love to go to some of thier mud auctions. If you find out where some are in this year 2012, please let me know. Thank you, Sandy My e mail is lsfield@roadrunner.com. That is an l as in larry not an i at the beginning.

    16. V. Richard Wildermuth

      Locating Amish Auctions

      Here are a few suggestions for locating Amish auctions in Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. Check out the auction listings of the state auctioneer associations, check out the websites of the following auctioneers: LeonardAuctions.com, Jeff Sweeney, Randy Stockwell, Northern Investment Corporation,Ron Mader. Check out the State tourism listings. The Clearview School Sale near Albany/Brodhead WI is always the last Saturday in July.
      St. Charles, MN has a sale on Saturday April 28 and May 26. The Central WI Draft Horse Sale has added an Amish quilt and furniture auction to their spring and fall sale events. Hope this brief information is helpfull to all trying to locate auctions in Amish communities in the States mentioned.

    17. c smith


      I heard there was a school auction June 9th in or near Holmes County. Do you have any information?
      Thanks in advance.

      1. V. Richard Wildermuth

        Since this is in Ohio, I do not have any direct information but I would suggest you contact one of the following who may have some information about it: Lehman’s Hardware either in Kidron or Mt. Hope Ohio, Kidron Auction, Mt. Hope Livestock Auction, Auctioneer Steve Andrews, In the Ohio Tour guide the following number and website are given for Holmes County: ph:877-643-8824 or http://www.visitamishcountry.com Another possible source of information would be the office of the Budget Newspaper in SugarCreek, Ohio.
        I apologize for not having numbers for the possible sources listed but I am sure if you google them or call for information you can get the information. I hope this is helpfull.

    18. Deb A

      WI Amish Auctions

      not sure if these are still accurate contacts, as I haven’t been to the auctions in two years since my WI-based mother died:

      Bonduel is typically on the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend and Labor Day weekend and is a nice auction.

      Clearview School – end of July – 608-862-1340 – north of Brodhead, WI

      early May & late Aug – Medford, WI 715-785-7553 auctioneer Randy Meyer

      Readstown – end of May John Borntreger, 10430 US Hwy 14, Viola, WI 54554

      Wautoma, WI – July 4 weekend – auctioneer Randy Stockwell 715-654-5162, John Brubaker 715-229-2851, Philip Wolf – 608-847-4038

      Amherst used to be the largest auction, but the last couple of times my mother went out there, she complained that it wasn’t good anymore.

      1. rachel marks

        Amherst Auctions

        We went to Amherst in May. They had over 300 quilts and wall hangings. Great deals on many. Someone bought an all hickory bedroom set for $1700. Seems to be a buyers market.

        Next on in Amherst is August 25th. Portage County Fairgrounds, Amherst, WI

        1. V. Richard Wildermuth

          The Amherst Auction is one of the few auctions that charges a buyer’s fee of ten percent. They may also be required to charge sales tax since this is an off site location. The Amherst auctions are conducted by Mader and Mader Auction Service. This Saturday July 7 is the Wautoma Area Amish Auction in WI For further information visit the website of R.J. Stockwell Auctions. I am not sure how the interest in quilts will be at this one this year since the predicted temperature for Saturday is in the upper nineties maybe even 100. So do take precautions if you plan on attending.

    19. rachel marks

      Amherst Auction

      Yes Richard, Amherst charges a 10% buyers fee and sales tax as it is at the fairgrounds. I bought a beautiful country bride quilt for $175 and actually paid $202.00. I kept in mind the 10% and didn’t bid up to the $200 I wanted to pay for it. I think a lot of people are thinking about their final bid and bidding 10% less. Perhaps the person who bought the bedroom set didn’t want to pay more than $2000. I like how fast they sell. They seem to sell a lot of stuff in one day.

      Wautoma is a good auction to go to also. They have it once a year and sell a lot of furniture, albeit, always a hot day. Bring water or plan on buying a lot of water.

    20. Lin

      Benefit Auctions

      Several benefit auctions are coming up on Saturday, July 21, 2012:
      •Pennsylvania Haiti Benefit Auction, Gordonville, PA
      •Morton Clinic Benefit Auction, Shippensburg, PA
      •TriState Relief Sale, McHenry, Maryland (for Mennonite Central Committee)

      The Rainbow of Hope Benefit Auction will be July 28 in Mount Hope, Ohio.

      The Ohio Haiti Benefit Auction is scheduled for September 1, 2012, in Mt. Hope, Ohio. (Labor Day weekend)

    21. Al in Ky.

      The 5th Semi-Annual Consignment Auction at the Switzerland (Ind.) County Produce Auction will be held Saturday Aug. 25th
      beginning at 9 a.m. Breakfast will be served beginning at 7 a.m.
      The flyer says the auction is “Benefit to Amish School”. It
      is at 244 Poplar Ridge Road, Canaan, Indiana (in southern Indiana
      near Madison). For more information call 812-689-6283.

    22. Lin

      Upcoming auctions:

      Arthur Mennonite Relief Sale – August 24 & 25, 2012 in Arthur, Illinois, to benefit Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), (probably more Mennonite than Amish)

      Ohio Haiti Benefit Auction – September 1, 2012, in Mt. Hope, Ohio.

      Illinois Haiti Benefit Auction – October 27, 2012, in Arthur, Illinois

    23. Vernum Richard Wildermuth

      Arthur is home to the largest Amish Community in Illinois. Many of the Amish attend and/or contribute items to the auction. The event begins on Friday around 4:00 PM and on Saturday the event opens with breakfast at 6:00 AM. The sale has been held for over fifty years. I knew one of the founders of the sale and his daughter remains a very good friend.

    24. Lin

      This is the weekend for the Amish quilt auction, flea market, and craft show in Clare, Michigan. It’s held the third Friday and Saturday in May, and Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The dates are August 31 & September 1, 2012, from 8 am – 5 pm each day.

    25. Vernum Richard Wildermuth

      On Labor Day, September 3, 2012 will be the Quilt, Furniture, Misc. and Produce Auction at Cashton, WI. Start time is 8:00 CDST if my memory serves me correctly.

    26. Linda

      Florida HBA

      The annual Florida Haiti Benefit Auction is planned for January 18-19, 2013. See more information at http://www.floridahba.com/

    27. Sharon

      Where would 2013 Amish auctions be? These listed here are for last year or before.

      1. V. Richard Wildermuth

        2013 Dates

        I would offer this suggestion, look at the previous dates and then find the similar day on the 2013 calendar. The majority of the sales are held on the same day(s) every year. Also many times the sales are listed on a tourism calendar if you go to the tourism website for the area of the auction. I hope ths information is helpful.

    28. Sharon

      Let me add to the above listing: I live in North Alabama and can’t get to NY or Wis, but maybe could get to some of the other auctions if I knew ahead of time when they would be even though I would have to carefully watch my budget.

    29. Marcia Riddle

      Amish Quilt Auctions

      I live in Washington State and would like to know if there are any scheduled auctions in either Washington State or Montana in 2013?

    30. roy tatge

      I am trying to find out any info about the Amish quilt auction held in Hershey Pa I attened thjs auction years ago and would like to return

    31. Tim Hannan

      1890's Hay Tedder Horse drawn

      I would like to sell this item and was wondering if there would be any interest as it is in excellent condition and appears to work well. It is made by Thomas Taylor in Springfield OH. I can send pictures. It is currently located in NH. Feel free to contact me at 603-661-0746 or email timhannan@comcast.net

    32. Maggie Weaks

      Amish auction in Ulysses/Genesee PA area

      I live in northern PA and discovered an Amish auction in August 2013. I wish to know when the next auction in the Ulysses PA area is going to be held.

      1. Lori Wood

        Ulysses Auction

        I live in the middle of that Amish community. (I’m English) The Auction is an annual auction to benefit their schools and is normally the 3rd Saturday in August. Although there is no press out yet about it, it will happen. My Amish Gf’s are making quilts for it. It will be the same place it was last year.

    33. Nelson

      amish auctions

      The second Saturday in September there is an Amish Auction in Clarita,or Coalgate ,Oklahoma…
      And every July there is a large Amish Auction in Charm , Ohio to benefit 5 different Amish schools….

    34. Heidi Yost

      Washington County Indiana Amish Auctions & Sales

      Please let me know when the Amish auctions will be occuring in Washington County Indiana this year. With gratitude.

    35. Juanita Cook

      There is an Amish Auction here in Nebraska too. Can’t remember when or where it is. Would any one have any info on it?

    36. Peter Carenza

      When is the Haiti auction ?

      When is the Haiti auction to be held in the Bird-in-Hand—Intercourse Pennsylvania area during the summer of 2015? Last summer (2014) it was held on Rte 340 during the month of July.

      1. National Haiti Auction Schedule for 2015

        This should be what you need Peter:

        July 18, 2015
        17th Pennsylvania Haiti Benefit Auction
        2727 Old Philadelphia Pike,
        Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

        Anyone interested in other states, here are the rest of the dates/locations:


    37. Daviess County Indiana Auctions 2015

      Special Horse and Tack Auction…New Year Day….2:00pm…Jan.1
      7th Annual Mid-Winter Driving Horse Sale…………….Jan.31
      Building Material Auction……………………………………..Feb.21
      Spring Draft Horse,Carriage & Antique Auction……………………Mar.4,5,6
      Haiti Benefit Auction……………………………………………Mar.21
      Building Material Auction…….9:30am…………………..Mar.28
      Lawn and Garden Auction…..10:00am………………….April 4
      Registered Boer Goat Auction…11:30am……………..April 4
      Special Horse and Tack Auction……Memorial Day,May 25
      2nd Annual Pony Sale…………………………………………..May 30
      Annual Mid-Summer Driving Sale…………………………June 3
      Special Horse and Tack Auction……..Labor Day…..Sept.7
      Fall Machinery,Carriage and Antique Auction…………………Sept.22,23
      DINKYS Fall Standardbred Auction @ 5:00pm……….Sept.23
      Daviess County Horse and Colt Auction……………….Sept.24
      Building Material Auction……………………………………..Oct.17
      Special Horse and Tack Auction..Thanksgiving Day….Nov.26
      Bullet Fall Farm Gathering…………………………………………..Dec.3 Dinkys Christmas Auction……………………………………Dec.5

      1. Thanks for the list Samantha, I deleted the second one and fixed the alignment on this one for you (I’m guessing that’s why you posted again). Good to see all the events happening in Daviess Co in 2015!

        1. All at Dinky's

          Dinky’s in Odon Indiana

      2. Linda

        Daviess County Relief Sale

        Daviess County Relief Sale, August 15, 2015
        4 p.m., Evening meal and auction
        Simon Graber Community Building
        County Road 875 North
        Odon, IN 47562


        (Daviess County relief sale has new start time, August 2012)

    38. Linda

      Breakfast Fundraiser Ohio


      Haystack Breakfast Fundraiser, Saturday, March 7, 2015,
      6-10 am, Wise School, 4579 CR 120, Charm, Ohio

      Freedom Hills Haystack Breakfast, Sat., March 14
      6:30-10:00 a.m., at United Dayspring Mennonite,
      5641 Township Road 362, Millersburg, Ohio


    39. sharon dukes

      2015 Amish auctions list.

      Would love to have a 2015 list of Amish auctions, sales, events and mud sales in dover de, Pa and others in nearby states please. Thank you.

      1. Linda

        Pennsylvania auctions and events

        Sharon, do you know about these links?

        (Lancaster Fire Company Events – 2015 Calendar)

        (Lancaster County Mud Sales – 2015 Schedule)



        1. sharon dukes


          Thank you for the websites. Do you know how I can find out about the dover Delaware Amish auctions also?

          1. Linda

            Dover Delaware Amish auction

            Hello, Sharon,

            (Amish Spring Auction May 23, 2015)


            (Look for an auction on a Friday or Saturday. You can click on the next month forward.)

            (Delmarva Crier, search results for Amish events)

            (Explains that “Each year the Delaware Amish Community holds two farm auctions. The first held in the Spring benefits the Amish hospital fund, which helps the community pay for excessive hospital bills. The second held in October benefits Amish parochial schools.”)

            (from 2012, 28th Annual Amish Parochial School Sale, October 2012)

            (from 2014, 30th Annual Amish Parochial School Auction, October 2014)

          2. Linda

            Here’s one more, the Current Auction listings for Green Gavel Auction.


    40. Nancy schuerman

      Bowling Green Amish auction

      When is the amish auction in Bowling Green, Mo. this year 2015.
      thank you

    41. Al in Ky

      Canaan, Indiana — 10th Semi-Annual Consignment Auction, Sat. May 2, beginning at 9 a.m. with 2 or 3 rings. Quilts, small antiques, lawn and garden, produce, cheese, etc. Breakfast beginning at 7 a.m., lunch served all day. Benefit to Amish School. Held at Switzerland Co. Produce Auction, 244 Poplar Ridge Road, Canaan,In.
      Information: 812-689-6891 or 812-689-6276

      Vevay, Indiana — 9th Annual Amish School Consignment Auction, Sat. May 16, 9958 Barker Road, Vevay, Indiana. Information:

    42. Maggie

      Upcoming Fall 2015 Auctions

      I have not seen any listings for upcoming auctions and have missed all the wonderful posts. Will you be compiling a monthly list like in the past? Hope so.

    43. Ohio Haiti Benefit Auction is Sept. 4th and 5th in Mt. Hope, Ohio.

      1. Maggie

        Where Can I Find an Amish Auction

        Thank you, Rebecca.

        1. Allyson

          Amish School Auction Oct 2, 2015

          There is a school auction on Friday Oct 2 in the evening to raise needed funds for the school.
          Address of auction is: corner of Ely Rd & Swinehart Rd’s in Apple Creek, Ohio

        2. Linda

          School auction

          “A chicken barbecue, silent auction and bake sale will be Oct. 3, 2015, at the Amish Parochial School, 9100 Castor Road, to benefit the school. Food will be served from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with auction at 5 p.m. Carry-out will be available. Homemade ice cream, desserts and fall mums will be for sale. For more information, call Aden Raber 800-363-1004 or Aaron Hostetler 800-963-0126.”


          I think this is in Muskingum County, New Concord, Ohio.

    44. April Bickford

      Amish auctions near Madison IN

      I’m looking for Amish auctions near madison IN.

    45. Al in Ky

      I know of two places not too far from Madison where Amish auctions are held.

      1) Switzerland County Produce Auction at 244 Poplar Ridge Road, Canaan, Indiana. Phone: 812-667-0050 (You likely will need to leave a message and they will call you back.) They have regular produce auctions as many as three days per week during produce season – from about late April to mid October. They also have at least two consignment auctions on Saturdays — one is usually in the spring and one in the fall. I think the produce auctions are Mon, Wed, and Fri, in the summer starting at 10 a.m., but you will need to call to verify the time. If there are other Amish auctions in their community, hopefully they can tell you about those.

      2) Amish School at 9958 Barker Road, Vevay, Indiana. I don’t have a phone number, but they have consignment auctions, in the spring and maybe in the fall also.

      At both of these locations, I also think there may be occasional Amish benefit auctions to help pay medical bills of persons in the Amish community.

    46. Mary Huelsmann

      My Vernon Il

      Hi I’m looking info on an Amish auction near My Vernon Il this Saturday June 8th 2019 please advise.
      Thank you

    47. WA state auctions

      Are there any Amish auctions in Washington state?

    48. Karen G

      Missouri auctions

      Hello, Do you know of any Amish auctions in Missouri? I went to one years ago but I can’t remember where it was and haven’t been able to find any information on others.
      Thanks, Karen.