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Amish Business MapSearching for an Amish business? The Amish Business Directory lists Amish companies and product retailers across North America. Find addresses and contact info for Amish stores, markets, construction firms, and other businesses and goods at the links below. Listed by state.

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Finding Amish stores and products

Amish Product DirectoryFrom modest roadside stand selling canned goods to vast retail showrooms harboring acres of Amish-made household furniture, Amish products can be found in a wide variety of venues.  You may have encountered an Amish product while on vacation in an Amish community.  You may have purchased furniture, quilts or other Amish-made goods online.  You may be searching for businesses in a specific community, or the nearest provider of a certain good to your home.

As you travel in Amish communities, you’re sure to notice roadside signs pointing the way down long farm lanes to workshops, retail stores and bakeries often housed adjacent to the Amish home.  Others will refrain from visiting Amish settlements, instead searching for Amish business signs pointing the way to venues selling Amish products online.

Shops Amish Country
Shops in Amish Country

Geographically-ordered listings in the guides included here (organized by state) are meant to make locating a seller of Amish products fast and easy.  The businesses listed here are both Amish-owned (noted when known) and non-Amish dealers of Amish products.  Addresses, phone numbers, and websites, when relevant, are provided.

Some Amish companies may have a web presence thanks to cooperation with English partners, or may rely on an English-owned website to retail their goods. The non-Amish companies listed in these directories typically maintain close relationships with Amish manufacturers, allowing them to cooperate to produce goods in response to changing tastes.

Amish quiltmakers for example create quilts in both traditional styles, but also in more modern designs, as well as related products that have become popular among English customers, such as quillows or patchwork bags.  An Amish furniture craftsman can design a new line of furniture in response to feedback given directly to him by customers, or if he is a wholesaler, channeled via a non-Amish retailer with whom he works.

In this manner Amish companies not only craft products aligned with Amish tradition, but also adapt to satisfy demands of their often highly non-Amish clientele. Interestingly, even those businesses which may seem to be strictly Amish-oriented in fact do a fair share of work for non-Amish.  For example, an Amish buggy shop may also do some restoration of turn-of-the-century era cars (a time when the “horseless carriage” wasn’t so drastically different in design from today’s Amish buggy).  Harness shops may do work for English horse owners, and horse-drawn equipment makers produce implements both for Plain farmers and English hobby farming enthusiasts.

Amish Businesses across America

The landscape of Amish occupations looks markedly different than it did for Amish forefathers of the 18th and 19th centuries.  While agriculture remains a mainstay in many Amish communities, today thousands of Amish households provide a number of goods and services via home-based businesses.  Amish business is a relatively recent phenomenon with roots in the mid-20th century, developing a full head of steam through the 1990s and into the 21st century.

Amish Cottage Business
Cottage businesses such as this bookstore support a growing Amish population

Home enterprises have filled a gap which has arisen due to high land prices and large families pricing many Amish out of the market for traditional dairy farming.  New generations of Amish business owners who, unlike their predecessors, never grew up on a farm, are founding businesses and taking over family firms in what is becoming for some a generational family tradition of entrepreneurship.

An Amish business may be as unassuming as an Amish housewife crafting candles in spare moments between taking care of household and children, to large Amish mini-factories employing dozens of workers and dedicated marketing and sales teams.

Most Amish businesses lie somewhere in the middle, existing as a small-scale means of providing a living for a single household.  Amish businesses may be owned and operated by males, females, or both in husband-wife partnerships.  Most commonly Amish men steer enterprises which employ family or neighbors in a locally-oriented environment.

Hershbergers Amish Bakery
Hershberger’s of Holmes County, Ohio is one of many thriving Amish bakeries

Common among Amish companies are businesses in the woodworking, construction, and manufacturing sectors.  Market stands thrive in the Mid-Atlantic region, typically operated by Pennsylvania Amish in and around large metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey and beyond.  Crafts remain a strong sector for Amish females, with Amish women doing skilled craft work such as clothes making or quilting in their spare time and in some cases operating full-fledged full-time companies.

Some Amish businesspeople operate in more obscure fields as well.  Taxidermists, house movers, electricians (yes, electricians), accountants, health store owners, bookbinders, beekeepers and casket makers are all among the less-common enterprises occasionally seen on the Amish landscape.  Though they restrict formal education, Amish have shown a knack for entrepreneurship often coming up with creative ideas for business ventures.

When you buy Amish-made products and services, you are helping to support Amish families who have adapted to a new entrepreneurial tradition likely to persist for generations to come.  Likewise, many Amish-made products will last for generations themselves, offering value for decades to come.

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Photo credits: US Map: NinJA999/flickr; Amish worker figurine: Curious Expeditions/flickr; Quilt: maryfrancesmain/flickr; Amish woodworker: taratara69/flickr; Amish roof construction: wcn247/flickr; Amish scooter: Claude Robillard/flickr; Steev Hise/flickr

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    1. Audrey nevarez


      I live in Unionville Tn. I’m looking for someone to build a Bakers Pantry for me. I would appreciate it…

    2. Steve carpenter

      Looking for kitchen remodel,some work done on the outside of the house. Would love to get a quote.

    3. need panniers for llamas

      HI Folks, The person who made panniers for my packing business has decided she is too old, which may be true for me also. However I have her panniers and would like to replicate them. I would be willing to pay for the product, and sell them when customers want to buy more. I hate to let the design of these panniers fade into the past. If I can find someone with an industrial sewing machine interested in making them, the demand for the product is there. Thanks for listening. John

      1. Monique


        I Need your help ! I already have a Amish winter coat which I need to replace the black zipper 29 inches long. The model is 136-F. Where can I buy it and where should I go to replace it. I’m living in Repentigny, Quebec, Canada.

        Thank for your help !


    4. Adam

      Buy Amish farm

      Hi, we want to buy an Amish farm around Lancaster PA. Please contact me if you have information about Amish farm for sale. Thank you.

    5. Deborah Page

      Post and Rail fencing

      I am looking for help on replacement and repair of a split rail fence. All the posts are good, and at least 6” round. It is a serious wood fence that needs someone knowledgeable in farm fence. It has chain link on it., and a tension wire thru bottom. I am in need of person/persons to give it an update. Some posts need straightened at back side. It will need new wood in some parts . There is a possibility of also removing the chain-link and three tier split rail, and just doing a farm fence in wire. I am in western PA. Near border of Ohio and W.VA. I would love anyone that can reach out with experience in this type of fence. There maybe a gate needed also. I can photo anything you want to see.
      Thank you kindly.

    6. Tammy Bailey

      Deck Renovation

      I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Darby, PA and I for a quote to renovate my deck. My family has owned this house for over 40 years but my children and I just moved back into it recently. The deck has been unattended for 20 years and is in bad shape.

    7. Jeffrey Hamrick

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    8. Donna Smith


      I live in Missouri and looking for a place that sells lamp parts. Globes, chimneys, and so on . Thank you

    9. Michael A.

      I am looking for an Amish contractor to add a 4 seasons room onto the back of my house which was built in 2008 by the Amish out of PA.

    10. trail saddle

      do you have a trail saddle for horses model please thank you

    11. trail saddle

      hi I would like to know so I can buy a trail saddle amish model can you show me your models thanls

    12. Gisela

      Amish Store in Ky

      Hello I have visited an Amish community in Jackson county Kentucky in Annville.
      There you can find carpenters who make beautiful furnitures , a Bulk and Bakery store, and a Gift and feed store and tack on Highway 3443 named G&L farm. Around horses they train horses too.

    13. Geoff

      Ontario Canada

      I live in the Area of Elmira Ontario Canada is there a similar business directory like this one I can tap into for personal needs they can provide.
      thank you,

    14. Randy Myrick


      Looking for someone to build cattle fence in Adger Al.

    15. Beth Killian

      Repair of deck

      My deck is need of repair and I would like to enclosed it so it can be used during the winter months. Is anyone interested in taking on this type of project and also checking out a soft spot on my roof and let me know it anything needs to be done

    16. John Stahl

      deck replaement

      We would like to have are 550 sq ft wood deck replaced with trex or a similar product. Hopefully the existing framing can be used and not have to be replaced. We live in Broadview Hts and would prefer the work begin after Labor Day. Also, we want the existing decking to be taken by contractor away from premises.

      We can be reached at 216-410-2273