Most Amish children attend one-room Amish-run schools

amish children go schoolLike their “English” peers, non-Amish children are required by law to attend school.  However, Amish children are traditionally educated only until the eighth grade.

Amish feel an eighth-grade education is sufficient for an Amish lifestyle.  Amish are also wary of some of the subject matter typically taught in high schools.

Amish earned the right to remove their children from school after the eighth grade following the 1972 Supreme Court case Wisconsin v. Yoder.

In some communities, such as Holmes County, Ohio, and northern Indiana (Shipshewana, Middlebury, Topeka, Nappanee, and related areas), a significant percentage of Amish children attend public schools.

A small minority of Amish children are home-schooled, though it’s not common.

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