Amish education ends at eighth grade

amish go collegeAmish do not attend college, or even high school.  Amish feel an eight-grade education is enough for members of their society.  Amish traditionally have farmed and performed manual labor.

Sometimes, Amish-raised individuals go on to get a GED or even to graduate from college.  On occasion some Amish youth have even attended high school.  But education beyond the eighth grade is extremely rare for the Amish.

However, some Amish do take correspondence courses to learn a particular skill, such as accounting.  More and more Amish have begun running their own businesses in recent years.

Some think that Amish may become more open to formal education beyond the eighth grade in future, due to the demands of business.

Read more on why Amish finish school at grade eight.

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Amish-made cheese

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