Do Amish work on Sundays?

For the Amish, Sunday is the Biblical day of rest

amish work sundayAmish reserve Sundays as a day away from work.  Sunday is a day for celebrating church (held by Amish every two weeks) and spending time with family.

Amish also take Sunday as a day for visiting other members of the community, such as relatives, older folks, or couples with a new baby.

A minimal amount of work inevitably has to be done on Sundays, however, especially by farmers.

Any Amish with horses or other animals must feed them.  Amish farmers of course have to milk their cows 7 days a week.  But unnecessary tasks are not done.  Amish women try to prepare food in advance, ie, on Saturday, so that Sunday is not taken up by kitchen tasks.

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Photo credit: Donald Macleod

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