Do Amish use pesticides?

Most Amish farms are not organic, and most Amish farmers use a variety of pesticides and fertilizers

amish pesticidesThe perception of the Amish as an antiquated people, living close to the land, may cause some to believe that Amish farm without artificial means.  However, the majority of Amish do rely on chemicals and fertilizers to boost crop yield and control pests.  Amish, like most American farmers, have relied on artificial means for many decades.

A minority of Amish do practice organic farming, and increasing numbers are becoming certified organic.  Organic farming has been seen as a good fit by some Amish.  The higher prices afforded by organic products allow farmers to make a living from smaller acreage, important to the Amish, who face high land prices in many areas.

Organic dairies can be found among Amish in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and elsewhere.  Organic produce farming has grown in popularity among Amish, particularly as markets for organic products have emerged.

For further information, see:

Amish Online Encyclopedia: Do all Amish farm? and What are common myths about the Amish?

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    1. james kishlar

      organic bio-products/Haiti

      Recently I met with several Amish members en route to Haiti and was very pleased to learn of their ‘peace’ initiatives. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a direct means to contact the Amish/Haitian representatives and was hoping that you may be able to assist? Perhaps, our signa haiti work may be of interest. Of particular interest may be our bio-products division for Haitians, as well as, other Amish agronomic applications. All of our bio-products where developed to meet the agronomic, ecological and social conditions at our re-forestation nurseries in Arcahaie, Haiti and if they can work there they can work anywhere…..

      Briefly, the goal of signa haiti, is to provide Haitian jobs by utilizing the natural resources and human desire of Haitians, to become less depend upon subsidized imports and re-establishing a sustainable way of life. Thus creating revenue generating markets via Haitian products for Haitians. Signa haiti is not dependent upon outside grants and generates its revenues via its work ‘on the ground’ in Haiti, for daily job creation and operations.
      Signa haiti is a ‘domain’ of several ‘for profit’ and ‘non-for-profit’ foundations/organizations within Haiti, presently there are 4 members:

      -the Agro-forestry Regional Nurseries (arn) Foundation of Haiti/re-forestation nurseries producing 1M revenue generating trees annually; (10 years in Haiti)
      -signa enterprises/a construction company utilizing the 3D panel monolithic concrete system, building schools, medical facilities and residential housing through out Haiti; (20 years in Haiti)
      -signa haiti bio-products/the processing of phyto+biologicals ranging from organic human nutrition, plant fertilizers and insecticides, to animal nutritional products; (new in Haiti)
      -group 73/an agronomic association designing, constructing and managing organic greenhouses within Haiti, as well as , agronomic feasibility studies for Hispanola. (30 years in Haiti)

      I was able to review the Amish America web site and appreciate the wide range of services which the Amish Communities have been able to contribute in Haiti and congratulate their work! We at signa haiti would like to see where we may be able to assist in their programs and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss potential partnerships. If the may be interested, or can advise on a Haitian Amish source, please advise directly to me at the above coordinates or 786 449 0510/cell Miami

      1. Tom

        Nice spam

        Hawaii….Amish….nice try!