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Amish-Built ShedsAn Amish shed can be an attractive and functional addition to any backyard.  Amish storage sheds come in wooden, vinyl, metal, and other varieties, and can be customized to individual needs.  Amish sheds can sometimes be purchased direct from the builder.  Shed retailers also sell Amish products at convenient locations near cities and main population centers.

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A guide to Amish-made sheds  Amish sheds make an attractive storage solution for any home.  Amish-made sheds come in a range of styles, from popular Victorian and Quaker types to the A-frame, Cape Cod, Saltbox and other designs.  

Common materials for building Amish sheds include wood and vinyl. These portable buildings are customizable in a range of options including paint, roofing, shingles, doors, windows, and flooring.  They also come in multiple sizes to suit your outdoor storage specifications.

Amish shed builders are known to emphasize quality and a job well done.  Most Amish shed manufacturers are small family-oriented businesses with only a handful of employees at most.  Some Amish shed craftsmen sell retail. Others create their products to be sold wholesale to larger retailers.  An Amish shed can be ordered from the source and delivered to your home.  Other storage buildings and outdoor buildings made by Amish include mini-barns, garages, gazebos, and pergolas.

Amish sheds state directory

Maryland Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds MDThere are at least 20 retailers of Amish sheds in the Old line State, itself home to a sizeable Amish population located in the southern end of the state.  Find an Amish shed seller in the listings here: Amish Sheds – Maryland

Michigan Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds MIMichigan has a significant Amish presence, along with numerous Amish furniture makers and manufacturing businesses. Addresses and info on Amish shed sellers in MI can be found here:  Amish Sheds – Michigan

New Jersey Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds NJNo Amish live in New Jersey, though there are large Amish populations in neighboring New York and Pennsylvania.  Find a New Jersey Amish shed retailer here:  Amish Sheds – New Jersey

New York Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds NYNew York is home to America’s fifth-largest Amish presence. The state also has at least 18 Amish shed sellers, which can be searched here: Amish Sheds – New York

Ohio Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds OHOhio is an Amish heartland, and home to oodles of small Amish firms manufacturing all manner of products, including sheds, garages and outdoor buildings.  Find a seller of Amish sheds in the Buckeye State here: Amish Sheds – Ohio

Pennsylvania Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds PADozens of Amish shed builders and sellers can be found throughout this heavily-Amish state.  Outside of the Lancaster County area, Amish shed retailers can be found in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and other major PA cities.  Find an Amish shed outlet here: Amish Sheds – Pennsylvania

Virginia Amish Sheds

Amish Sheds VAThe Old Dominion State has just a small Amish population.  However over a dozen Amish sheds outlets can be found throughout VA, in the vicinity of Richmond, Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Washington, D.C.  Search for VA Amish sheds dealers here: Amish Sheds – Virginia

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