Amish are laid to rest in all-Amish cemeteries or sometimes in cemeteries shared with Mennonites

amish cemeteryAmish cemeteries are typically located on a plot of land sectioned off from a community member’s farm.  In some cases, Amish and Mennonites may share a cemetery.  Individuals from the community tend the cemetery, mowing grass and maintaining the fence surrounding it.

Gravestones in an Amish cemetery are typically small and simple, listing the deceased individual’s name and date of birth and death, or in the case of the Swiss Amish, wooden markers bearing only the individual’s initials.

amish cemetery

Amish cemetery in Ohio

In many Amish communities, Amish casket makers create simple pine boxes for the deceased.  Most Amish make use of funeral homes to embalm the bodies of the deceased.  After embalming, the body returns to the home, where it is presented in an open casket for a viewing.  Amish funerals take place a few days after an individual’s death.

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