Amish use many kinds of battery-powered tools

amish batteriesAmish do not permit public electricity, but do use batteries in many forms.

Most Amish buggies use bright lighting for safety, which is powered by a car or marine battery carried in or mounted under the buggy.  Amish use flashlights in the home and when going outside at night.  They are also big users of LED lighting.

Batteries power calculators, alarm clocks, cash registers, drills, electric fences, and even basic word processors used in some Amish businesses.

Amish forbid public electricity in the home because a) it permits any technology (television, internet) to be plugged in and used, and b) it is a symbolic connection to “the world”.

Batteries provide a limited source of power for a range of practical uses, and are thus seen to be acceptable, even by the most conservative Amish.

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Photo credit: Jomme Vrolix

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