Do the Amish tell jokes?

Amish people have a sense of humor

amish tell jokesAmish enjoy jokes like any other people – which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Spending a lot of time around family and friends, as the Amish do, provides a perfect venue for laughs.

Some Amish are quite witty. Others enjoy puns. Amish tell general jokes as well as jokes about themselves. Here’s one example, taken from the Amish-read publication The Budget: From

Later that afternoon my parents and I went to David Bylers’ (sister Betty) in Conneautville and returned home the next day. Davids are in the process of selling their year-old puppy. While in a conversation by phone of an interested buyer, the guy asked if they’d be able to deliver the dog to his place. When Betty mentioned that they are Amish, he let out a long drawn out, “Ohhh!” and asked, “full blooded?”  -Dorothy Hershberger, Guys Mills, PA

Amish have a healthy sense of humor. They realize the sometimes stark difference in their lifestyle, and that of the outside world. They know that we non-Amish find certain things about Amish life amusing.

Funny Amish Business Signs
These signs in an Amish-owned business attest to a healthy sense of humor. Image credit: Tom

At Amish America, we often hear jokes from Amish friends. Here’s an example of the Amish sense of humor.

Photo credit: Flipside – Kate Penn

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