Do Amish live in Europe?

The last Amish settlement in Europe ceased to exist in 1937

amish europeAmish originated in Europe, and long lived in various places across the continent.  But no Amish are found there today.  Amish in Europe eventually all assimilated with more progressive Mennonite congregations, or emigrated to North America.

The last Amish settlement in Europe was located at Ixheim in Germany, and merged with a local Mennonite congregation on January 17, 1937.

Beachy Amish in Europe

Though no Old Order Amish exist in Europe, there are a number of Beachy Amish congregations in countries such as the Ukraine, Ireland, and Belgium.  These congregations are the result of Beachy Amish missionary outreach.  Mennonite churches exist in Europe as well.

For further information, see:

A History of the Amish, Steven M. Nolt

Amish Online Encyclopedia: Where do the Amish come from?

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    1. Ndilokelwa Luis


      I went to Netherland in 1995 and my sister-in-law took me to a place where we passe trough a village which she told me was populated by Amish. Is this possible? They all dressed like the American Amish but I don’t no any details…

      1. Amish in the Netherlands?

        Hi Ndilokelwa, there are no Old Order Amish anywhere in Europe, including the Netherlands, but there are Beachy Amish and other plain groups in different countries. I don’t know which group this was.

        The only time Amish can be found in Europe nowadays is when they take tours (not common, mostly among “business-class” Amish) typically to visit the countries of their forefathers, such as Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands as well.

    2. Ndilokelwa Luis

      Thank you!

      This was very clarifying!

      1. jean

        amish or conservative calvinists ?

        There are a couple of dutch villages where people wear plain dress, especially in the province of Overijsel ; the most famous is Staphorst. People wear plain black dress on sunday and refrain from using cars ; picture taking is forbidden. They are nick-namec as the black stocking and belong to various conservative calvinist denominations that seceded from the national church. A sample picture here I found on the web :

    3. Rose

      Amish in Poland


      There are two family of Beachy Amish living in Poland, it is possible to visit them, here is the contact:

      1. Slawomir Platek

        Wrote to the email of Amish in Poland

        I wrote to the Amish in Poland I hope the email address is still actual? is working?

        All best, blessings


    4. Amish in Poland

      In Poland, a family is living like Amish :

    5. Rose

      Amish in Poland

      Sorry, but the email address above is no longer actual for contacting Amish in Poland.
      Kind regards,

      1. Dariusz

        Amish in Poland

        We are a family living like Beachy Amish. We live living near the Bialowieza forest in Poland. It will be a pleasure to meet people who are interested by Amish’s life.
        You can contact us
        Kind regards

    6. Dariusz

      Amish in Poland


      We are a couple who believes strongly in God and who think that Amish’s life is a beautiful example to consider in order to get peace of God.
      We are living on the edge of the largest forest in Europe in Bialowieza in Poland. We have a small farm with 2 hectares of land.
      God allows us to cultivate our large organic vegetable garden and to raise animals. Life here is very peaceful, punctuated by nature, work, walks, fishing, swimming…
      If you are interesting by Amish way of life please contact us, we will be pleased to invite you to come over for a cup of tea and to talk. 
      We speak english, french, polish and russian.

      All best, blessings

    7. Darius

      Amish in France


      We are a couple who are living like beachy amish, we are currently living in Poland.
      For family reasons, we decided to move to France in October 2020.
      If you are interesting of this way of life, and if you believe in God, we will be happy to exchange ideas or to invite you to discuss over a drink.


    8. Amishlike Believers

      Hello everyone,
      I belong to the Rosswinkel Evangelical Community who ones was the old amish-mennonite congregation in Luxembourg. Founded by Oesch and Nafziger Family in 1848. Our church was amish till 1947 and became beachy amish mennonite in de early 50′ due to missionary work by Beachy Amish from the US. In the late 60′ then the congregation became ‘mennonite’ only. But because of oecumensim and strong liberalism in european mennonite churches we left the mennonite conference to becam in 1995 a free evangelical community. We still have principals like plain clothing. And there are also some who practise a more conservative plain way and holding more to anabaptist traditions (beards, headcoverings…) In church principals we are still based on ideas Menno Simons wrote in his Fundament Buch. There is a small revivel of anabaptist heritage in Europe by some individuals. In Austria for example is a small huterite community in Krumau. And some Believers in the free evangelical churches are following ancient mennonite and amish traditions…