The last Amish settlement in Europe ceased to exist in 1937

amish europeAmish originated in Europe, and long lived in various places across the continent.  But no Amish are found there today.  Amish in Europe eventually all assimilated with more progressive Mennonite congregations, or emigrated to North America.

The last Amish settlement in Europe was located at Ixheim in Germany, and merged with a local Mennonite congregation on January 17, 1937.

Beachy Amish in Europe

Though no Old Order Amish exist in Europe, there are a number of Beachy Amish congregations in countries such as the Ukraine, Ireland, and Belgium.  These congregations are the result of Beachy Amish missionary outreach.  Mennonite churches exist in Europe as well.

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Amish-made cheese

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