The short answer: yes. Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Wendy’s too.

The bulk of the Amish diet still consists of home-prepared meals.

Amish farmers have traditionally eaten a diet based around dairy products and home-raised foods. Most Amish today, regardless of occupation, have an extensive garden at home. Amish housewives still do a lot of canning.

Amish diets have changed

But with occupational changes, Amish diets have changed somewhat.

amish mcdonalds

Amish parking outside McDonald’s in Sugarcreek, Ohio

Amish construction workers or market stand owners are often on the road. This can mean eating foods prepared at food stands or at fast food establishments.

Members of a carpentry crew might grab a breakfast sandwich at a gas station while the driver fills up for the day’s journey to the job site.

Amish may visit fast food restaurants as an occasional treat as well. For example, an Amishman in Ohio takes his children roughly ten miles by buggy to the Burger King in Millersburg. The children enjoy the trip, and the ice cream.

Higher incomes (due to non-farming jobs) also means Amish have the financial means to eat outside the home more often.

More on Amish eating habits, including store-bought foods, the Sunday meal, and alcohol consumption.

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Amish-made cheese

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