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amish furniture tableAmish are known for high-quality furniture. From dining suites to beds, hickory rockers to outdoor furniture, Amish craftsmen create a wide array of pieces in both traditional and contemporary styles for every room of the home.

Amish woodworkers use both classic and modern techniques to craft “heirloom-quality” pieces from oak, cherry, walnut, and other woods. Tables, chairs, dressers, desks are among the many items hand-made in Amish shops. Read More

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Amish Furniture

Online Amish furniture state directory


amish furniture alAmish lived in Alabama long ago. The closest Deep South community today is in next-door Mississippi. Search businesses in the Alabama Amish Furniture directory.


amish furniture akAmish have never settled in Alaska. An Amish scouting expedition did seek land there in 2010. The Amish came home, but continue to send their handcrafted furniture north to residents of the the Last Frontier. Find Alaska Amish Furniture businesses.


amish furniture azAmish and Arizona? Amish do occasionally vacation in the Phoenix area, though there is no permanent community in the state. Though the Grand Canyon State lies far from the Amish heartland, there are a number of Amish furniture dealers in Arizona. Check out the Arizona Amish furniture listings.


amish furniture arArkansas is home to a fledgling Amish population. As of 2010, 3 small communities were found in the state. Find an Arkansas Amish furniture business.


amish furniture caNo Amish live in California, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find their furniture in the Golden State. A number of dealers across CA sell a wide range of Amish furniture items. Go to California Amish furniture listings.

Amish Furniture Stores

amish furniture storeThe Amish Furniture Directory features hundreds of businesses, organized by state. At each state’s individual Amish Furniture Page you’ll find listings of businesses selling Amish furniture in that state. This directory features both Amish furniture craftsmen and non-Amish furniture dealers. When known, Amish-owned businesses have been marked as such.

In some cases, Amish both produce furniture, and sell furniture on a retail basis. Often, however, Amish provide wholesale furniture products for dealers, some of them located distant from Amish settlements. Thanks to this Amish+non-Amish partnership system of distribution, Amish furniture is available in nearly every state.

Why an Amish furniture guide? I’ve crossed the country, visiting 100s of Amish furniture shops from Pennsylvania to Iowa to Tennessee. For my nationally-recognized Amish business book, I interviewed dozens of Amish craftsmen to better understand Amish business and the furniture trade.

Following many inquiries, I compiled this guide to make locating Amish-made furniture simple and easy. As one of the largest and most comprehensive directories of Amish furniture on the internet, here you’ll find hundreds of Amish businesses and furniture dealers across North America.

Add your Amish furniture business It’s free and easy to add your Amish furniture business to this extensive directory. Find out how here. Want more exposure? Get a top-of-the-list image ad–plus a link to your website–for a small monthly fee with a premium listing.

Be sure to confirm business hours, location, etc. before traveling long distances to Amish furniture businesses listed here. While we strive to keep this directory up-to-date, information can change. Not responsible for accuracy of individual business listings.


amish furniture coAmish have been settling in Colorado for the past decade. A number of communities are found in the San Luis Valley. Due to the more difficult farming conditions, many Colorado Amish have started small home businesses such as furniture shops. Visit our Colorado furniture page for more.  (Denver residents: try the Amish Furniture Denver directory).


amish furniture ctAmish have never settled in New England in large numbers, though at least one business provides Connecticutians with hardwood Amish furniture. Find out more at the Connecticut Amish furniture page.


amish furniture deA number of Amish furniture makers can be found in the Dover area, home to a sizeable community of Plain people. Locate a business at the Delaware Amish furniture page.

District of Columbia

amish furniture dcFor Washington DC-area Amish furniture suppliers, see the entries for Maryland and Virginia.


amish furniture flThe Pinecraft neighborhood of Sarasota is known as an Amish vacation retreat. A number of Amish furniture dealers can be found in the Sarasota area and elsewhere across the state. Check out the Florida Amish furniture directory page.

Amish furniture topics

amish furniture chairOver the past few decades, the Amish furniture industry has rapidly developed as a unique blend of small-scale craftsmanship, quality materials and products, and family-oriented, plain Christian values.

Check out our articles on Amish furniture topics – on making the decision to buy from an Amish furniture maker (with input from an Amishman), the different types of Amish furniture & wood businesses, and how the typical Amish furniture shop operates:


amish furniture gaGeorgia has no Amish communities at present, but a number of Amish furniture outlets provide Georgia residents a place to buy Amish-crafted furniture pieces. View Georgia Amish furniture dealers.


amish furniture hiNo Amish are found in Hawaii, and there are no known Amish furniture retailers in the state. Hawaii residents can try an online Amish furniture retailer.


amish furniture idIdaho is home to at least one Amish furniture retailer. No Amish live in the state today, though a small community existed in the Gem State in the early 2000s. Go to the Idaho Amish furniture page.


amish furniture ilIllinois Amish have a long tradition of furniture and cabinetry. The largest Amish settlement and furniture center is found in Arthur, Illinois, located 3 hours’ drive south of Chicago. Find Illinois Amish furniture makers.


amish furniture inThe Hoosier State is home to the third-largest Amish population, with many wood craftsmen in its nearly two-dozen Amish communities. Find an extensive listing in the Indiana Amish furniture guide.  In the Indianapolis area?  Try the Amish Furniture Indianapolis directory.

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amish furniture iaAmish have a long history in Iowa. The state is home to one of the largest Amish populations West of the Mississippi. Search the Iowa Amish furniture listings.


amish furniture ksKansas has long been home to Amish, though today’s Amish population remains low. Find furniture stores at our KS state directory page.


amish furniture kyKentucky is home to the 8th largest Amish population, with many commmunities found across the state. Small business such as woodworking has proven a winner for Amish in Kentucky. View an extensive listing of Kentucky Amish furniture sellers.


amish furniture laNo known Amish furniture sellers are found in Louisiana. Bayou State Amish furniture seekers can check listings for Texas or Arkansas.


amish furniture meAmish have been moving to Maine over the past few years, and Amish furniture is available in the state. More on Maine Amish furniture sellers.


amish furniture mdMaryland’s largest Amish community, in St. Mary’s County, originated from Lancaster, PA in the 1940s. In addition to farming, local Amish have taken up the woodworking trade. Find store locations at our Maryland guide.


amish furniture maAmish are scarce in New England, but their furniture can be found in the region, including the Bay State. Read more on Massachusetts Amish furniture.


amish furniture miMichigan has a large Amish population and many Amish furniture sellers. Amish can be found from the southern reaches of the state all the way into the Upper Peninsula. Find out more about Michigan Amish furniture sellers.


amish furniture mnSome of the most northerly Amish settlements are located in the North Star State, with the largest Minnesota community near the town of Harmony in Fillmore County. Search for Minnesota Amish furniture dealers here.


amish furniture msA single Amish community is found in Pontotoc County in Mississippi. However, no Amish furniture sellers are currently listed for the state. Amish furniture seekers can try the listings for Alabama, Tennessee, or Arkansas.


amish furniture moMissouri has America’s 7th-largest Amish population, with over 9,000 Amish in the state. The state also features numerous Amish craftsmen and furniture retailers. Find out more at the Missouri Amish furniture page.


amish furniture mtAmish in 5 different communities call Big Sky Country home. Like other Western Amish, woodworking has proven a popular trade for Plain settlers to the state, who’ve been coming here since the 1970s. Learn more in the Montana Amish Furniture listings.


amish furniture neRelatively few Amish can be found in the country’s prairie heartland, but the Cornhusker State does have a few Amish settlements. Visit the Nebraska Amish Furniture directory.


amish furniture nvNevada is among the few states where Amish do not live nor have ever attempted to settle in the past. That doesn’t mean Amish furniture can’t be found in the Silver State. Check out the Nevada Amish Furniture listings page.

New Hampshire

amish furniture nhAmish have moved frequently in recent years, but only a trickle of Plain migration has made its way into New England. Though New Hampshire has seen no Amish settlement, their furniture can be found in the Granite State. View the New Hampshire Amish furniture listings.

New Jersey

amish furniture njNew Jersey may be the Garden State, but agriculture-loving Amish have never settled inside its borders, despite a heavy presence in both neighboring Pennsylvania and New York. Nonetheless, New Jerseyans will find a number of retailers of Amish woodwork in the New Jersey Amish Furniture guide.

New Mexico

amish furniture nmWhile the arid climate of the Southwest may seem unlikely to attract Plain farmers, one Amish community existed in the state in the early 1900s. Amish furniture can be found today at a number of local dealers. Visit the New Mexico Amish furniture listings.

New York

amish furniture nyThe Empire State is home to a booming Amish population–at over 13,000, the 5th-largest in America. Find out where you can purchase Amish handiwork at the New York Amish Furniture guide (Rochester residents: visit the Amish Furniture Rochester NY page).

North Carolina

amish furniture ncThe Tar Heel State is home to few Amish, but many Amish furniture retailers. The state’s lone community, at Union Grove near Statesville, is home to just 30 families. Nearly a dozen furniture retailers can be found in the North Carolina Amish Furniture directory, however. You can also search for Amish businesses near Asheville in the Amish Furniture Asheville guide.

North Dakota

amish furniture ndNorth Dakota once counted Amish among its inhabitants, but no longer. At least one option for buying Amish woodwork in-state exists, however. Discover more at the North Dakota Amish Furniture page.


amish furniture ohOver 60,000 Amish live in the Buckeye state, which is also home to hundreds of Amish furniture manufacturers. Locate one near you in the Ohio Amish furniture guide.


amish furniture okAmish have lived in the Sooner State for over 100 years, with two small but well-established settlements at Chouteau and Clarita. Check out our guide to furniture in the state hereTulsa resident? We have a special Amish Furniture Tulsa page for you.


Like the Pacific Northwest in general, Oregon has seen little Amish settlement, and none live there today. Read more about Amish furniture dealers in Oregon.  Live in Portland?  We have a special Amish Furniture Portland Oregon guide for you.


amish furniture paPennsylvania is the state most readily associated with the Amish. PA is home to large numbers of Plain people, in over 50 communities scattered across the state. Hundreds of Amish furniture producers call the Keystone State home. Discover more at the Pennsylvania Amish Furniture directory. Or, restrict your search to Lancaster County businesses only here: Amish Furniture Lancaster, or Pittsburgh-area retailers: Amish Furniture Pittsburgh.

Rhode Island

amish furniture riRhode Island is one of the relatively few states that has never seen a permanent Amish settlement. Amish furniture can be found in the Ocean State however. Find out where in the Rhode Island Amish Furniture directory.

South Carolina

amish furniture scSC lacks an Amish presence today, though a small group once tried to settle in the Palmetto State. Find more info on Amish woodwork in the state in the South Carolina Amish furniture listings.

South Dakota

amish furniture sdIn 2010 Amish made South Dakota the 29th and newest “Amish state”, when a small group moved there from Wisconsin. Check out the South Dakota Amish furniture listings.


amish furniture tnTennessee is home to one of the largest Amish communities in the South, near the town of Ethridge, about an hour south of Nashville. Multiple retailers sell Amish crafted home decor throughout the Volunteer State. Find out more in the Tennessee Amish Furniture listings. (Nashville residents: visit the Amish Furniture Nashville directory).


amish furniture txThe Lone Star State has seen only sporadic Amish settlement over the years, but one small community can be found in the southern end of Texas. Despite the lack of Amish in-state, there are numerous Amish furniture sellers in Texas, with well over a dozen retailers of Amish handiwork statewide. Read more in the Texas Amish Furniture directory. (Houston-area resident?  Here are the Amish Furniture Houston listings).


amish furniture utWhen in Utah, you have a long drive to the nearest Amish community. At least two retailers provide Amish wood handicraft for Beehive State residents, however. Read more in the Utah Amish Furniture directory.


amish furniture vtAmish have only once tried to settle in the Green Mountain State. Few Amish live in New England today, with the nearest communities in Maine and New York. Locate an Amish furniture dealer in the state.


amish furniture vaVirginia has a relatively low Amish population, but numerous Amish furniture dealers, with well over a dozen. Search for more info in the Virginia Amish Furniture listings.


amish furniture waFor a brief time, a group of Amish called Washington state home, but no longer. Around a half-dozen Amish furniture sellers can be found in the Evergreen State, however. Read more about them at the Washington Amish Furniture page.

West Virginia

amish furniture wvThough its Amish population is small, a handful of Amish furniture sellers can be found in the Mountain State. Find our WV listings here.


amish furniture wiThe Badger State hosts the nation’s 4th-largest Amish population, with over 15,000 Amish residents. It also has a large number of Amish furniture retailers, with at least two dozen listed. Search for one near you in the Wisconsin Amish Furniture guide.  Live in Madison, or nearby?  Try the Amish Furniture Madison WI guide to furniture stores and Amish communities in the Madison area.


amish furniture wyThough Wyoming is our nation’s smallest state by population, there are at least 4 locations in-state providing Amish-made furniture. Discover more in the Wyoming Amish Furniture listings.


amish furniture canadaNorth of the border, Amish live only in Ontario. Amish furniture can be purchased throughout Canada’s provinces however. Find a dealer in the Ontario Amish furniture guide.

Photo credits: Amish table corner-Kurt Groetsch/flickr; Amish rocker -Richard Elzey/flickr

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