Amish communities can be found in over half the states 

Updated January 2021

where amish liveFrom a population of 5,000 at the beginning of the 20th century, the Amish have grown to over 330,000 strong in North America.  Amish have long been identified with the state of Pennsylvania, but are in fact present today in 31 states, four Canadian provinces, and even two South American countries.

The states with the largest Amish populations are Ohio and Pennsylvania.  The largest individual settlements, are found at Holmes County, Ohio, and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Indiana has the third highest Amish population.  Together these three states are home to roughly two-thirds of all Amish.

These three states are also home to significant populations of Old Order or “Team” Mennonites, who share some similarities with Amish, including plain dress and use of the horse-and-buggy.

Amish are typically associated with the Midwest, though have significant populations outside of the region.  Missouri, Michigan, and Wisconsin are other states with large Amish populations in the Midwest.

Amish settlements across North America

  • tennessee amishAmish in the South-Amish are also found in areas outside the corn belt.  Amish communities are found in the South, including in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky.  The largest southern community is found an hour’s drive south of Nashville, at Ethridge in Tennessee.  Florida is home to a unique Amish settlement at Pinecraft, a popular vacation and retirement community in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Amish in the West-Amish are also found in the West, with a number of small, recently established settlements in Montana and Colorado.  Amish have also had a minor presence in the states of Kansas and Oklahoma for a number of years.
  • Amish in the North-Amish have migrated into northern states such as New York and Maine in recent years.  Immigrants to New York have added to the long-established Amish presence in that state, and have contributed to make it the state with the fastest-growing Amish population.  The Maine Amish communities are the only Amish found in New England.
  • Amish in Canada-Amish are found in Ontario, long the only Canadian province which Old Order Amish called home.  Significant settlements are found at Kitchener and Aylmer.  Ontario is also home to a sizable Team Mennonite population. Recently, new settlements have arisen in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Manitoba. Canada also has large numbers of Hutterites primarily located in the western provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.
  • Amish in South America – In 2015, new Amish settlements were established in Bolivia and Argentina, after Old Colony Mennonite communities in these countries reached out to Amish in North America about affiliation. Read more here.

Amish migration

Amish have had a long history of migration, and with a growing population (Amish families typically have 6-7 children) that trend will likely continue.  Not all Amish settlements survive, however.  Historically, Amish communities have been found in the unlikely locations of California, Mexico, and even New Orleans.  One group founded a short-lived community in the Central American nation of Honduras.  No Old Order Amish presently live outside of North America, though Beachy Amish communities exist in Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

For further information, see:

Young Center Amish Studies website: Amish Population Trends 2009-2010, One-Year Highlights, Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Elizabethtown College

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