Hunting is a popular sport for many Amish

amish huntingAmish believe in non-resistance, which prevents them from using force against others.  Though this belief means Amish do not serve in the military or on police forces, Amish do use firearms for purposes of hunting.

Not all Amish hunt, but many do.  Some Amish will visit local hunting lands when deer season comes around.  Others hunt birds and larger game.   Amish use both firearms and bows when hunting.

Some Amish own their own piece of hunting ground, located within or outside of the community.  Still other Amish may make hunting trips to more distant areas, hiring a driver to do so.  Amish may even go on trips to hunt big game in Western states.

Amish have even made the news hunting, as in 2006 when an Amish bow hunter killed an enormous whitetail buck.

Why do Amish accept hunting?

Hunting is favored by many Amish as it involves nature and the outdoors.  Additionally, animals killed can serve a practical purpose as food for the family.  Some Amish like to bring home trophies, and Amish taxidermists can be found in many of the larger Amish communities.

Not all Amish agree with the practice of hunting.  Some Amish may consider hunting for sport and fun as frivolous and wasteful.  Hunting in order to acquire a trophy may be considered prideful by some Amish.  Others find fault with Amish hunters who purchase expensive hunting equipment.

Nonetheless, hunting remains a popular sport among Amish.   Hunting allows Amish to enjoy God’s creations while at least ostensibly fulfilling a practical need for food.

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