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I make two videos per week on a variety of Amish topics, including Amish communities, beliefs, and culture. Subscribe to the channel here to be notified when a new video goes up. This page is updated a bit more sporadically.

My 5 Best Amish Visitor’s Tips (plus: Can I stay with the Amish?)

Planning to visit an Amish community? I give you my five best tips for having a great experience – including the best way to meet Amish when you’re there, Amish businesses, and so on. I also talk about whether it’s possible to stay with the Amish, and share a couple of ideas on that.


The Top 10 Amish States

Which states have the largest Amish populations? I take you through the top 10 Amish states in this video. Amish live in a total of 31 states…but the top 3 states on this list account for over 60% of all Amish.


The 5 Hardest Things About Living With The Amish

What’s it like to live with the Amish? Here’s my list of the 5 hardest things for “English” (non-Amish) people staying in Amish homes. This is not a “complaint” video and shouldn’t be taken that way. It’s more a “reality check” if you end up going to live in an Amish home as an English person.


The 5 Best Things About Living With The Amish

This is the flip-side of the above video. Living with the Amish is an experience you won’t forget. Here are the five best things about it.


5 Places Where Amish Buy Things

Where do the Amish go when they need to buy something? Amish value convenience and good prices, but it’s not just about that. I share with you 5 different venues where Amish shop for groceries, buy clothes, household items, and other products. A couple of these are a bit old-fashioned…and one or two are quite “Amish”.


The 10 Largest Amish Communities

Which are the ten biggest Amish communities? I take you from #10 to #1 and share interesting facts on each. But first, I start off with a quiz question.

I’ve visited all of these Amish settlements, and most of them multiple times. This was just the third video I ever made, and I had a lot of fun making it. Of the communities on this list, I would say that #2, #7, and #9 are my favorites (and also #1). 


Can Amish fly?

Do Amish fly on airplanes? We think of Amish as using the horse-and-buggy, but what about when they want to go longer distances? I give you the answer and some special situations in this video. This is the second-shortest video I’ve ever made, but I think it lives up to its billing. 


5 Surprising Things in Amish Homes

This has been one of the more popular videos on the channel. Amish live simple lives in plain homes without electricity…right? Here are 5 things you might be surprised to find inside Amish homes.


What do Amish do on Sunday? (Besides Church)

Do Amish work on Sunday? What about other activities? I tell you about how the Amish spend their time on Sundays, including on the “off” Sunday. I also tell a little story about pizza. 


3 Reasons Amish Vaccinate Less

The first video I ever made. It’s just my voice on this one, unlike the rest of them.

Amish get immunized at significantly lower rates than the general public. There are 3 main reasons why.

In this video, I explain those 3 reasons and share examples of Amish responses to past infectious disease outbreaks. I also note differences between different Amish groups.


Do Amish live in Europe?

The Amish come from Europe, but do any live there today? Maybe you saw someone who looks Amish in Europe – did you just see an Amish person? Maybe. Maybe not. I tell you more in this video.

The shortest video I’ve made, at around 90 seconds. It asks a simple question, and answers it. This is the first video where I played around a bit with background music. Fun one to make. 


The 2 Bibles Amish Use (& Other Important Books)

Which version of the Bible do Amish use? Which translation and language? Is there a Pennsylvania Dutch Bible? I tell you about the different versions of the Bible you’ll find among the Amish (both English and German). I also share some other books important to the Amish, including the Ausbund and Martyrs Mirror.




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