Do Amish date?

Amish begin dating during their mid-to-late teens

amish dateDuring the period known as Rumspringa, beginning at about age 16, Amish youth enter a time of greater social activity.  One of the purposes of Rumspringa is to find a mate.

Amish begin dating during this period, and most eventually find a “special friend”.  Amish youth dating activities vary by community.

Amish youth may be discreet about their dating.  Dating typically begins when a young man offers a young lady a ride home after the Sunday night singing.

Amish typically date for a period of a year or two before getting married.  Like non-Amish, Amish may date multiple partners before finding that special someone.

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    1. Marlon Wright

      I would like to join an amish comunity

      Hello my name is Marlon Wright, I am living in Regina, grew up in a Pentecostal home, recently began a christian journey, in my years I have worked in various fields, mostly in fruit orchards, I have never been able to find a good farm to work on, I want to get married live a simple yet hard working fruitful uplifting long life, with people that are doing gods work, and also get a clearer understanding of who god is, and by the way I am a 40years old grew up in Toronto Ontario, and was born in Jamaican, but I look and feel like 21..