Some Amish permit bicycles while others do not

amish ride bicyclesAs with other technologies, different groups of Amish have different rules regarding bicycles.

Bicycles are common among Amish in some communities, particularly in the Midwest, such as Holmes County, Ohio, the Shipshewana and Nappanee areas in Indiana, and Arthur, Illinois.  In these communities Amish may ride bikes to work, to visit family, or for pleasure.

Other communities do not permit bicycles, however.  This may be due to tradition or a belief that bicycles are too worldly.  In such cases, Amish often permit the scooter instead.  Communities which use scooters include Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Dover Delaware Amish, and Allen County, Indiana.

Amish travel by a variety of other means, including rollerblades, pony carts, hired car, and of course, buggies.  Read more on how Amish travel.

Photo credit: Derk Stenvers

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