amish barn


When do Amish get baptized?-Discusses age at baptism, reasons for adult baptism among Amish, reasons that Amish youth choose to join the church, what the Amish baptismal ceremony is like, and typical youth retention rates


What happens at an Amish barn-raising?–The barn-raising as an example of Amish mutual aid, how a barn-raising is organized, and example of other communal work projects among Amish

Beachy Amish

What’s the difference between Beachy Amish and Old Order Amish?-Comparison of differences and similarities between Beachy and Old Order Amish, origin of the Beachy Amish, Beachy beliefs and approach to technology


see Religion; Church


Which Bible do the Amish use?-German and English versions of the Bible used by Amish, other Amish books and reading materials such as songbooks, religious and secular reading



Do all Amish use the Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) triangle?-Reasons for the SMV triangle, why some Amish object to the SMV triangle, court cases and compromises over buggy safety

What colors are Amish buggies?-Amish groups which drive black, gray, brown, white, and yellow buggies, as well as the open-top buggies of the Swiss Amish

Why do the Amish drive buggies?-Practical and symbolic reasons for the buggy, Amish attitudes towards cars, Amish usage of automobile transportation

see also Transportation


What are typical Amish businesses?-Discusses the various types of Amish enterprises, Amish women in business, unusual Amish businesses, number and size of Amish companies


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