amish agriculture


Do all Amish farm?-A discussion of Amish dairy farming, produce farming, organic agriculture, as well as alternative occupations such as factory work and small business

Do Amish use pesticides?-Explains the Amish approach to chemicals and fertilizers on the farm.  Answers the question: “Are Amish farms organic?”

What foods and crops do Amish farmers produce?-An outline of the various crops and foods produced on Amish farms, including dairy products, tobacco, produce, and animal products

see also Barns


Who are the Anabaptists?-A brief discussion of the history of the Anabaptists, European predecessors to Amish, Mennonites and other groups

Andy Weaver Amish

Who are the Andy Weaver Amish?-The Andy Weaver Amish are an affiliation found primarily in Holmes County in Ohio.  A look at the origin of this group, their approach to technology, youth retention rate, and so on.


What do Amish buy and sell at auctions?

Where can I find an Amish auction?-An outline of the different types of Amish auctions, such as mud sales, school auctions, benefit auctions (ie Haiti auctions), and others.  Information on where auctions take place


see Song and Singing


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