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Newly Added: Amish Lists (10 largest communities, favorite pastimes, top names & more)

Amish Woman Topics

Amish Women
The Amish Woman
Do Amish women have rights?
Ada the quiltmaker
One man’s view of Amish women
How do Amish women put up their hair?
Why don’t Amish discuss pregnancy?


Joining Amish Topics

Joining the Amish
When a son joins the Amish
When a son joins the Amish: What about photos?
Do Amish evangelize?
Joining the Amish after 50
If you “left the English”, what would you gain?
Joining the Amish: 45 years later


Amish Family Leaving

Leaving the Amish
Leaving the Amish
The Ex-Amish community
Ira Wagler
Saloma Furlong
Mose Gingerich
Amish out of the Order (Nat Geo)


Amish Health Topics

Remedies, vaccines & health
Do you believe in natural remedies?
Burn remedy or emergency room?
How to beat a summer cold?
Amish dentures
Are vitamins and supplements worth buying?
Why Amish vaccinate less
Dr. Holmes Morton and Amish genetics


Amish Food Topics

Amish Food
What’s your favorite Amish food?
The Riddle of Amish Scrapple and Other Mystery Meats
Amish peanut butter
What do Amish eat?
What’s your favorite Amish restaurant?
Would you buy food from an Amish salvage store?


Amish Romance

Amish Fiction
Who reads Amish fiction?
How important is authenticity?
What’s your favorite Amish book?
Amish fiction characters–just plain stereotypes?
Valerie Weaver-Zercher on Amish Romance


Amish Tourist Trap

Tough Questions
Are Amish “saved”?
Do you know these 10 Amish terms?
What do Amish think about atheists?
What if it says “Amish” and it’s not?
Is Amish clothing really “Plain”?
Do we romanticize the Amish?


Amish Child Walking

Tougher Questions
To spank or not to spank
Saints or animal abusers?
Ban buggies?
Pledging allegiance to the flag–or God?
Is Amish life more dangerous?


Amish TV

Amish on TV
Breaking Amish
Amish: Out of Order
Mose Gingerich discusses Amish: Out of Order
Amish: A Secret Life
“The Amish” on PBS
Leaving Amish Paradise
Trouble in Amish Paradise


Amish Farm Community

What’s your favorite Amish community?
8 reasons Amish may be headed your way
7 million Amish by the year 2100?
Which Amish community will you be visiting?
5 Fast-growing settlements
State-by-state Amish guide


Amish Home Kitchen

Inside an Amish home
Amish Kitchen
Conservative Amish Kitchen
Amish Living Room
Amish Bedroom
Swiss Amish home
Inside an Amish…outhouse


Amish Dolls

Inside an Amish business
Amish quilt shop
Amish clock shop
Amish toy shop
Amish bulk foods store
An Amish doll maker
Amish shoe store
Amish book store


Wedding Rings

What do Amish think about…
Birth Control
Wedding Rings
Other Religions


Amish Controversies

Amish guns & photo IDs
Amish beard cutters
Amish shunning
Amish raw milk
SMV triangle


Photos Amish

Lancaster County 50 years ago
Bill Coleman’s autumn Amish photos
10 Tennessee Amish photos
What do Amish think about photography?


Quilt Amish

Quilts, soap, canning & more
Amish soap
Quilt questions
Amish canning
Amish hair pins
Amish dolls


Amish Basketball Hoop

The Lighter Side
Falling asleep in church
Largest Amish family ever?
Cornhole (the game)
Another flying Amish horse
The Ohio Amish mud basketball tournament
Funny Amish signs


Greyhound Bus

Worth Pondering
Does anyone still write letters?
Which technology could you give up?
Do you ever use mass transport?
Why do we treasure old books?
Would you give up the internet for $1 million?
What does “wealth” mean to you?

Photo credits: Joining the Amish- Cindy Seigle/flickr; Amish fiction book- A Promise for Miriam by Vanetta Chapman; Amish dolls- Brenda Henry; Wedding rings- MyTudut/flickr; Camera- ilco/; Bus- Karyn Christner/flickr

Amish-made cheese

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