Last week we saw an Amish home in the Gladwin, Michigan community shared by reader Seth, whose uncle had just sold the property. This week we have another home in the same community. This one is on 40 acres of property and has a price tag of $575,000, no doubt reflecting both the substantial acreage and the quality of the home.

It’s described as a 5,000-square-foot farm home with 10 bedrooms (though confusingly, in another section it’s listed as having nine bedrooms, no matter, it’s got a lot of bedrooms!). Via

A horse lover’s dream! Once in a lifetime opportunity to own 40 acres of an Amazing Amish Farm, Complete with a 10 Bedroom Home that features vaulted ceilings, White Oak floors, trim and cabinetry throughout the entire home surrounded by large, wrap around porches. The New 36×62 -10 Stall Stables with 2 18′ lean tos are immaculate. There is also a 60×120 Barn with a 30×62 insulated wing with a 10 ft porch on the property. The beautiful landscape includes a beautiful pasture, a huge garden, large pond and wooded area. There hasn’t been any pesticides in 10 years. So many opportunities in this property!!! Partial Electric, HVAC & Plumbing.

As a reminder this is a conservative community, though this property has one of the nicest Amish interiors I’ve ever seen, and appears to be downright fancy in some respects, which you’ll see in the photos below.

As a sign of the more conservative Ordnung here, you can note the pressurized lantern which makes an appearance in many of the photos to light up the rooms. I believe this burns naphtha or possibly another fuel. No Dewalt battery lights or other more progressive forms of lighting visible here.

Also, unlike last week’s property in the same community, it does say there is one first-floor bathroom here, though I don’t see any photos of it. Perhaps that has just recently been added to encourage a sale.

Let’s have a look at some of those bedrooms first:

Very colorful.

This next room strikes me as the fanciest of the bunch. I don’t believe I’ve seen too many wind chimes inside a bedroom. I bet when those windows are open though you hear some nice chiming.

A place to hang your hat.

Lots of neat details in these rooms. I got a hickory rocker like this one for my father years ago, from an Amishman in Ohio. We’ve always used it as an outdoor porch seat, but I like the indoor usage.

This IS a big family.

Well that’s eight of the bedrooms at least. On to other areas of the home.

Downstairs in the large main open kitchen/dining/general room.

Living room with a very nice-looking grandfather clock.

Looks like a second kitchen area.

I’m getting a little confused as to which rooms I’m in. On some of these I can’t tell if it’s a new room or just a different angle. It’s a big place.

Cozy stove. This home is so neat and tidy.

At least two grandfather clocks in this home.

Back outside on the porch lounging area.

Really a nice property. The agent for this property is James Diedrich of Ayre Rhinehart Bay Realtors. I’ll close by zooming out with a couple of sky shots:

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