Nadege Armour asked in a comment yesterday:  Any chance we might be able to see the inside of an anonymous Amish home?

Well, here we have a photo of the inside of an Amish home near Clymer, New York, shared by Amish researcher Karen Johnson-Weiner:

amish home living room

First off, you can see one of the most important types of technology in an Amish home (at least in the evening): lighting.

This lamp is of a common design–movable and built into a piece of furniture (looks like a hickory style; is there a matching rocker around the corner?).  You also often see them built with a fully-enclosed cabinet concealing the tank.

Families will fire one of these up in the evening as everyone sits around on the couch and in easy chairs reading, snacking, and chatting.

One thing is for sure–they give off a lot of light–and heat.  In the summer, it’s easy to roast.  Takes some getting used to; to be honest, I never fully have.

If we’re playing a board game for instance, I usually end up pulling up my pantslegs and converting them into temporary shorts.  That and I drink a lot of water to fight off Amish Lamp Dehydration Syndrome (ALDS).

In the photo you’ll also notice some other interesting features of the home.

As you can read in Karen’s book New York Amish, the Clymer Amish group, with roots in Geauga County, Ohio, is relatively progressive compared to some of their Amish neighbors in nearby New York communities.

Certain items in this home, for example, you wouldn’t find in the homes of nearby groups such as the Byler Amish of Mayville or Troyer Amish of Conewango Valley.

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