Funny Amish Business Signs

Remember Funny Business?  Today Tom has some more signs from a variety of New York Amish shops, showcasing the Amish funny bone as well as some wise sayings from smart and important people.

Which do you find wisest or wittiest?



Guy Behind Counter





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    1. Definitely, the first one. I would post or say that. Yes. I would.

    2. Morning folks and Erik I think I like the first one, right to the point and nothing fancy! Richard

    3. Marilyn from NY

      My favorite is the second one: It’s nice to have money. It gives you something to think about and look over your life about.

    4. Galen

      Thanks for sharing Tom. I love the last one, “shooting the salesman.” I am leaving Intercourse, PA (Lancaster) today.

      One year when I was down here I was sitting on a bench admiring the farmland views. An older Amish gentleman came on over and sat with me. I wasn’t used to them being so forward or so friendly. He said he was 80 “something” and told me his life story. But then he said, “I have a joke for you.”

      “Why did the Amish girl get pregnant?
      Because they had too many Men-at-night!”(Mennonite).

      He told me two others, but I can’t recall them and I’m not sure the above is accurate to his telling, but you get the idea.

      I was reminded on just how the Amish, even in their advanced years, can be jolly and a jokester.

      1. Sara

        Galen ~

        …was his name Elam by any chance????

    5. SharonR

      Amish humor

      HA! I like the first one — the second one has a lot of truth to it, as well. ALL very good!! Good way to start my morning!
      Thanks, Erik

    6. Roberta McGowan

      Amish Humor

      LOL I love the last one on the right.The Amish have a good sense of humor

    7. Those are great – I love sign pictures! I think the one about a $10 charge for putting up with mean or grouchy might get my vote. I live with three just-out-of-their-teens so I’d like to hang it in my house. HA HA Thanks for sharing, Tom.

    8. ramblinjodie

      Hard to choose which I like the best. I like the last one.
      So true about who gets the credit.

    9. LeeAnn

      I like the first one. I’ve copied it (first time I saw it) and putting it on my front door. I do have a doorbell, but it is a fun way to catch other’s attenntion.

      Another sign I have seen, that I love is: No Whinning! $5 charge if you whine. Its perfect in a house with children. Even some husbands whine when told about the honey do list! Bill them and have your vacation fund money! hahaha

    10. Roberta

      Having just attended a town board meeting last night, I like the one about an open mind.

    11. Diane Paulson

      That Summer Cold

      You had a summer cold Erik? I’ve been struck down with a heavy cough, and plenty of phlegm, for days. Were those your symptoms or should I assume it’s an allergy from the wax leaf privet blooming in my back yard. Help, or I’ll spend too much on homeopathic allergy medicine.

      1. Diane, still do have some traces, I assume it was a cold unless I’ve got some sort of adult-onset allergy. Or maybe one of a hundred other things 🙂 Hope you feel better.

    12. Alice Mary

      Changed my mind...?

      I’m with Roberta. “Open” minds do tend to get cluttered after a while!

      Alice Mary

    13. Rita

      I like the one about not believing any promises from the guy behind the counter. Would love to hear the story behind that one!

      1. Nice self-deprecating humor. I’d buy from this guy 🙂

    14. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I like the second picture’s message. The one about money, I mean.

    15. Juanita Cook

      I liked # 5, about being grouchy. Some times when you have customers they can come in very grouchy about things that have nothing to do with you. But they take it out on you anyway.


      I am pretty sure that the second to the last photo was taken at furniture shop on the road down to Farmerstown – I know I have seen it somewhere before!