Last year I visited the Ethridge, Tennesse Amish community.  I was surprised to find that Ethridge is the Amish mecca of the South.

For being a conservative Swartzentruber community, the place is crawling with tourists (relatively speaking, of course.  Lancaster County, this ain’t).

It’s also a charming place to visit.  It’s got a rural feel despite the oversized tour wagons rumbling about.

I hope you enjoy the latest in the “10 views” series.  Let me know your favorite photo in the comments!

ethridge amish tour


ethridge amish baskets


ethridge tn amish home


ethridge amish lane


tennessee amish front porch


amish field ethridge


amish school ethridge tn


amish ethridge tn home


amish gas station


amish boy ethridge

Want to know more about what I found at Ethridge?  Here you go: The Ethridge Amish.

You might also enjoy these photos from a related community: 10 views of the Hardin County, Kentucky Amish.

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