Stephen B writes:

While I certainly understand the idea behind Plain-ness, of not calling undue attention to one’s self out of modesty and of not wanting to be too much of this world, it seems to me that as times and fashions change, the Amish haven’t really updated their fashions enough to actually *stay* plain.

amish unplain clothingThat is, it was one thing, back when, to wear plain-looking pants, no zippers, shoes, and what have you, to stay plain, but it seems to me, the real way to stay plain in this day and age would be to wear some no-name jeans, a plain tee-shirt, solid-color, with no other printing or logo, and some plain boots or brand X sneakers.

THAT would truly make the Amish not stand out…if Amish folk really want to make a similar statement or want to make *no* statement at all, they should do better at updating how they define Plain.

Stephen’s comment gives food for thought.  Is “Plain” a misnomer?  Aren’t Amish clothes in fact rather exotic?

Should “Plain” mean “blending in”?  Amish dress is highly noticeable in our society.  Or could that be part of the point?

Photo credit: DaDaAce/flickr


Amish-made cheese

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