amish quilts charles wysocki

Are you a “quilt person”?

I’ve slept under them, written about the people who make them, and watched them go up for auction.

But I have to admit, I’ve probably under-appreciated Amish quilts, and quilts in general for that matter.

Lately that has begun to change.  I’ve got a section on quilts in an upcoming book.  That led me to learn a bit more about things like piecing and appliqué  and what happens to quilts with flaws.

Still, a few questions come to mind.  Who better to ask than the Amish America community?

  • Why do people love quilts–Amish or otherwise–so much?
  • What’s your favorite pattern or style?
  • Are quilts art?
  • Are quilts–and quilting–strictly for women?

Image: Amish neighbors, Charles Wysocki

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