Raber Family Toy Shop
11363 Pope Rd
Randolph, NY 14772-9681

Have a look inside an Amish toy shop courtesy of Tom. This store is located in New York’s Conewango Valley, and as you can see below features a wide-array of Amish-made wooden toys.

Amish Toys NY

A road sign points the way to an Amish toy shop in Conewango Valley (NY)


Amish Toy Shop

Amish Toy Shop, New York


Amish Wooden Toys

Amish craftsmen create a wide variety of wooden toys

I enjoy seeing the creativity that goes into some of these products. It makes me wonder what is the story behind each design.  A lot of course are classics.  Which do the Amish use themselves, which come about due to customer feedback and requests?

Amish Made Sling Shots

Look out, Amish-made sling shots


Wooden Amish-made Toy Buggy

Amish buggy, all-wood variety


Amish Made Wooden Apples

These apples look nearly real enough to eat

Toymaking is one of those fairy tale professions which captures the imagination.  And “Amish toymaker” is a double whammy in that department.  It seems like an Amish toymaker character would do well in fiction.

Amish Toy Truck

This toy truck will soon drive out the door


Amish Toy Horse Swing

Take a ride on an Amish-made horse swing


Amish Toy Store

Get your ducks, rabbits, penguins on-a-stick

Where to find the store:

Raber Family Toy Shop
11363 Pope Rd
Randolph, NY 14772-9681


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