In addition to the quilts we saw last week, Hostetler’s in Conewango Valley in New York sells faceless handmade dolls.
Amish Dolls
Here’s a fancier version of the Amish doll which Tom notes must be destined for English buyers.
Amish Faceless Dolls
The faceless doll is another item iconic of the Amish. Truth be told I haven’t seen too many of them in the Amish homes I’ve been in. It’s possible I just haven’t been paying attention, but I just couldn’t say how popular dolls in general are among Amish children.

Amish dolls have long been a popular tourist item however, and as we can see by the lower photo, like Amish quilts they have morphed to appeal to an English consumer market.

You can also find Amish-made dolls in a variety of dresses online at Amish Workshops: Amish Dolls. You’ll notice the ones at the Amish Workshops link are of a traditional style but differ somewhat from the top photo.

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