favorite amish book

Commenting on a post last week, Donna Godfrey recommended reading books by Donald Kraybill.  I’d second that.  The Riddle of Amish Culture was one of the first I read and I think essential to understanding the Amish.

The very first book I read on the Amish was Amish Society by John Hostetler, another good one, first published in 1963 and going through a number of editions.  In recent years there have been a lot of interesting new books as well.

Many have focused on specific communities, or particular aspects of Amish life.  Titles that come to mind include An Amish Paradox, Train Up a Child, and Growing Up Amish: The Teenage Years.

Each of these has complemented experiences I’ve had in Amish society and helped add to my understanding of Amish life.  There are many others, most by non-Amish but a few written by Amish as well.

How about you–which book on the Amish have you most enjoyed–or learned the most from?


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