Last week Anne shared her experience as a parent of a son who joined the Amish.

Anne shared some of the wonderful things, as well as the difficulties of her son Ed becoming a member and marrying in an Amish church.

Today we hear about another challenge her family has faced.

This is an issue any family of an Amish convert would encounter…but as you’ll see below, one that’s a bit more problematic in Anne’s family:

Ed and Sister

Ed and his sister on a visit to Minnesota

One other thing we struggle with is the “no photographs” policy.

Ed’s dad is an artist, very visually inclined and gifted. He paints in oil and mainly does landscape paintings. A side benefit of this is his love of photography. Our home is filled with not only paintings, but also photos of family, all of whom live quite far away.

It was a grief to us that we were not able to take photographs at the wedding (ok, we snuck a few :)) and that when Ed and Ruth came for a visit this past March, Ed brought ALL the family photos he’d had with him, and said he could not have them anymore. Seems so sad to us!

I admit that I can understand this prohibition more easily than the other [having Ed’s wedding service in PA Dutch only], as it is based on principle (in their view).

However, I also know this is normally up to the individual family’s interpretation, and would expect that in Ed’s community, there would be some slack extended for him, even encouragement to not dishonor his dad by rejecting something so core to his life. One thing I know, when we are there this fall, getting to know our new grandbaby, we will sneak some photos so we’ll have something to send to the extended family!


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