Amish-owned Raber’s book shop in Holmes County, Ohio

Raber’s Bookstore
2467 County Road 600
Baltic, OH 43804

We’ve featured Raber’s Bookstore a number of times on this blog.  Raber’s is a longstanding Amish book seller in the heart of Holmes County.  Mary Raber, who runs the place, let me shoot a few photos during a recent visit.

rabers bookstore outside

The outside of the shop.  It is the building on the left made of cream-colored blocks.  The Raber’s crew has plans to move the shop to a new structure which is being readied next-door.

rabers books ohio

Raber’s has a good selection of religious, inspirational, and Amish-themed books.

rabers amish book store

They also have a nice children’s section.  Gas-burning Amish lights are strategically placed around the store.  You can see one in the background of this photo.  It is a bit dim inside Raber’s, but on a day like this one, the natural light coming in the windows lets you see all you need to.

amish store cash register

The register area.  This is where you chat with Mary and pay for your finds.  And pick up a business card and purple store pen, if you like.

cash register counter amish store

Close-up on the register. Yes, Mary sells a few sweets too.

Raber’s does most of their sales by catalog, but they welcome visitors.  Here’s the address if you’d like to visit Raber’s.  You can also write them for a catalog:

Raber’s Bookstore

2467 County Road 600

Baltic, OH 43804

Attached to Raber’s is a stamping shop.  We’ll have more on that shop, including photos, in a future post.

And: have you visited any Amish book stores?  If you enjoyed this post, let us know of any other book shops out there that might be worth paying a visit.


Amish-made cheese

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