That was the question asked in this thought-provoking video I watched over the weekend.

The tone of the narrator is a little too “kindergarten teacher” for me, and don’t watch if you don’t want to see people in beach-style attire in a few places.

But it makes a pretty interesting point.  Compared to our predecessors, we live like kings (behold the $4,000 1980s brick cellphone).

The internet, on the scene a mere 15 years, brings people huge value–but costs us a minute fraction of that value.   Is it the greatest deal ever?

I know it can be fashionable to knock capitalism.  But living in a post-Communist country, with the economic and social scars still far from faded, you appreciate the system we have in America.

Poles I know, especially those with direct experience of Communism, are some of the most pro-free market people.  It’s not hard to see why.

Amish certainly participate in, and benefit from, capitalism.  Though Amish society is also backed by a strong sense of Christian duty requiring that you help your neighbor in times of need.

Most Amish are offline, of course.  So the million-dollar-question is largely irrelevant for them.

How about you though–a million bucks to unplug from the net for life?  Would it be worth it?


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