Best Amish Restaurants

On a previous post I was lightly chastised for eating at Subway while in the Berne Amish settlement.  Why choose fast food with all that good Swiss fare around?

blue gate restaurant shipshewana
The Blue Gate Restaurant and Bakery. Shipshewana, Indiana

It got me thinking about Amish-style eateries.  Truth be told, when I’m in, say Lancaster County, I eat at Amish restaurants like The King Farm and The Riehl Place and Zook’s, and frequent both Weavers’ and Millers’ when visiting Ohio.  At these local joints, the menu is unpredictable, but always tasty, and the price is, well, literally impossible to beat.

But I definitely visit the more conventional places as well.  And there are some good ones out there which will make sure you leave with a happy belly.

What about Amish–do they eat at these restaurants?  Sure.  And one way to tell the better ones is by the number of Amish in the place.  One of the more memorable interviews for my Amish business book was conducted during the busy lunch hour at Mrs. Yoder’s in Mt. Hope, Ohio, where you’ll often see many homegrown and visiting Plain folks.

The winter denizens of Pinecraft, Florida famously set up shop in local feed halls like Troyer’s.  Multiple Lancaster Amish have raved to me about Shady Maple, which I think we can include in this category too.

kumm esse diner myerstown
Come and get it! Lebanon County, PA

Do Amish own these places?  That is less common.  Though you’ll have Amish employees, particularly young girls as waitresses, Amish just haven’t taken a lot of ownership in the restaurant industry.  There are exceptions though.

For instance, a few years back Amish in a Nebraska settlement ran a restaurant in a distant town, requiring them to make a 60-mile one-way trip.  Amish sisters in Arthur Illinois operate Roselen’s Coffee Shop, not quite a restaurant, but with its own drive-thru.  Many Amish operate small sandwich and grilled food stands in markets (tell me if I’ve missed any others).

How do you know it’s an “Amish” place?  You kind of know one when you see one (taste one?), don’t you?  The menu, of course, is the place to start.  Look for hearty fare like chicken and dumplings, corn meal mush, meatloaf, butter noodles, and so on.  And you’ve got to have a wide selection of pies.

amish homestead cafe ethridge
Amish Homestead Cafe. Ethridge, Tennessee

I’m using the term “Amish restaurant” very broadly, and would include eateries advertising themselves as PA Dutch, “Amish-style”, etc.  Of course, the name doesn’t always tell you everything.  And just because it has a buggy in the logo doesn’t mean the food automatically passes muster with the culinary Ordnung.

One of my favorites which I think fits the bill is Boyd and Wurthmann’s in Berlin, Ohio.  For many reasons–the old-timey feel to the place, good prices and selection (had a trail bologna sandwich last time), the Amish-style peanut butter spread complimented by robust, bottomless cups of coffee.  It’s always packed, with a lot of locals–never a bad sign.

How about you–what’s your favorite Amish restaurant?  What makes it good?

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    1. elliott

      fav restaurant

      It would most def. have to be Yoders down it pinecraft, the little retirement settlement in Sarasota Florida. My family and I moved to North Carolina, if it were not for my mother and Yoder’s fried chicken and any of thier pies, I would never go back to florida! It is 50% of the reason I am going home for Thanksgiving…lol

    2. Joan

      Fav Amish Restaurant

      We love Dienner’s on Rt. 30 just east of Lancaster. Huge selection, reasonable prices, lots of Amish customers. Open 7am-6pm except Fridays when they open a bit later (but not much). I believe it’s Mennonite owned.

      1. Dolores Menzella

        Dienner's Restaurant

        Yes, Dienner’s is an excellent restaurant – have been eating there on our trips for many a year. Owners are Mennonite and we go there specifically for the biscuits made by a very special person! It’s so popular now there can be lines waiting to get in but well worth the wait. Desserts are out of this world!

    3. Favorite Amish Restaurant

      We love eat at Katie’s Kitchen in Ronks, PA- Amish owned and operated. Also , we love Yoders, in New Holland PA, an inexpensive buffet, used by many of the Amish and Mennonites. Have heard excellent things about Dienner’s and will try that on our next trip to PA in Sept. /12. Where is Reihl’s Place and Zooks- location?- We have spent time in that area of Pa for the last 4 years and have not discovered them.

      1. Hi Karla, this was me trying to joke again–Riehl and Zook are actually the last names of some of my Amish friends (ditto Weavers, Millers…).

        The price I pay at these “Amish restaurants” is zero, so it literally can’t be beat–my clue that they’re not exactly restaurants 🙂 (well, that’s not true, I usually bring something along or pitch in, but close enough to zero for me!).

    4. Resturant

      My Wife unn myself love to eat at Katie’s Kitchen in Ronks PA
      we like it best on Tuesday when they serve the Amish Wedding Meal
      you can’t beat it. we highly suggest that you try it and you will
      not go away hungary as they sure give you enough to eat and they
      are always friendly.
      Rach unn Ivan

    5. Melissa

      Yummy resturant...

      Growing up my folks would take us to Shippshewane (sp?!) area so we could go to the flea market…while there would would drive south to The Das Dutchman EssenHaus. Man, I loved that place! I believe its Mennonite owned and most all the waitstaff were Mennonite and Amish. We would always order the meal family-style and would get large dishes of mashed potatoes, butter homemade egg noodles (YUM!), fried chicken, etc. Plus the dessert selection is incredible. I’d love to take my children there one day.

      1. Wayne

        Das Dutchman EssenHaus

        I first went there when it was a smaller restaurant, now it’s become a tourist attraction. Seems to have lost a little of its ambience.

    6. Margaret

      We love the one in Yoder, KS, just outside of Hutchinson, KS. Whenever we go home we try to eat there. Worth a stop!

    7. Laura

      It’s only a part-time restaurant, but there’s a full restaurant inside the open-3-days-a-week Amish market in Annapolis, MD. It serves the non-Amish customers of the market, but I’m pretty sure it’s Amish-owned since everything else in the market is. Great food! And the hostess is a dwarf who’s Amish; my daughter is also a dwarf, and when she was visiting and we took her to the restaurant, the two of them had a lovely time discussing how fun it is (not!) to be short in a tall person’s world. My daughter was quite envious of her ability to have clothing that fits perfectly since I’ve spent my entire life tailoring clothing for her! Oh, and the food is classic delicious Amish restaurant — I particularly adore the meatloaf.

      1. Laura–really a great story. Food sounds good too, and interesting to hear about another Amish-run place.

      2. Richard

        Who has recipe for Annapolis Amish market meatloaf?

        Someone wrote that the people at the Pennsylvania Dutch market in Amnnapolis gave it to them and they (the one posting a comment about the place) make it 2-3 times per year. Laura, was that you? Would sure like to get it. I’m out west but have eaten there several times on visits. Amazing meatloaf.

    8. Christina

      The Casselman Inn, Grantsville, MD

      I always have to go here at least once for lunch or dinner when I get back home. Good, simple, down-home country food and they have this amazing bakery in the basement. The owners are not Amish, but have Amish in their family tree and you’ll probably find a Mennonite or two either serving or eating there.

      Another restaurant right down the road is the Penn Alps. Also awesome home cooked food with a large gift shop and an artisan village. These are both on the National Road and the Casselman Bridge is right by the Penn Alps. Lots of history and things to see in the area.

    9. Nancee

      Definitely my favorite restaurant is Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana. We’ve been having dinner there for approximately 26 years, and the food hasn’t changed. It’s every bit as good now as it was the first time we ate there. Twice a year I spend 5-6 days in Shipshewana for a quilt retreat, and I always drive to the Essenhaus for dinner no matter what. The roast beef is like no other roast beef I’ve ever tasted, and the dressing is made with a cornbread base. Pies are outstanding! Salads are always fresh and cold. Sweet potato casserole is yummy! I could go on and on. I have not had any food there that I didn’t like. The very best!

    10. Valerie

      Well, much to my surprise, the Michelin Stars article that came out today, named the top 20 “Best Food” small townsand NONE of them were in Amish areas! In fact, most were in France, only 1 was in the United States, Yountville, CA made the list.

      Best selection & most expensive), Millers Smorgasboard in Yonks, PA
      Best in Holmes Co OH with most Amish attending, Mrs. Millers Mt. Hope (How does a man know which hat to leave with when he hangs them on the hat rack, they all look the same?)
      Best VIEW while dining-Der Dutchman, Walnut Creek OH
      Most Charming, Grandmas Homestead, Charm, OH

      1. GreyCatz

        Headwear Conundrum.

        Hello, Valerie:

        Some theories:
        a) They write their names on the inside of the hat (not much use if they’re all called Miller),
        b) They somehow manage to remember its exact position,
        c) They go by the ‘feel’ of the hat (small dents or bits of loose straw),
        d) They yell out “Is this yours?”, or
        e) They just don’t care (they switch hats when they meet again the next day).

        1. Valerie

          Very funny GreyCatz,
          At this particular restaurant (Which is Mrs. Yoders, not Millers as I mistakenly wrote) the hat rack is a long horizontal board with pegs-I suppose you could count which # peg your hat is on-

          I was wondering the difference between “Das” & “Der”, now seeing there’s Das Essehaus vs Der Dutchman-feminine vs. masculine?

          This was a good topic to refer back to when traveling, thanks Erik!
          You have one of those careers other’s have to fight coveting….

          1. I like the GreyCatz theories too, especially e 🙂

            And I’m glad you enjoyed it Valerie. I feel fortunate for all this, that’s for sure.

            The only problem with posts like this is they remind me how far I am from a good blackberry pie (in Poland right now–not a pie country and still waiting for the first PA Dutch restaurant 🙂 )

          2. GreyCatz

            German Articles.

            Hello, Valerie:

            Here’s a short run-down of German definite articles (singular):
            DER is masculine, so ‘der Mann’ = the man,
            DAS is neuter/neutrum, so ‘das Haus’ = the house,
            DIE is feminine, so ‘die Küche’ = the kitchen. DIE is pronounced [dee].
            DIE is also used for plural, so ‘die amische’ = the Amish.

            ‘Das Dutchman Essenhaus’ is a curious blend of English and German: ‘Dutchman’ referring to nationality doesn’t exist in German (it would be ‘nederländer’). Here, it is used as an adjective, which would render the name as ‘das nederländische Essenhaus’ in High German.

      2. Christina

        I ask that same question to my husband every year when we go to our annual Khaki Ball (it is a dinner/dance for US Navy Chiefs and their spouses). They all wear the same hat and they just pile them together and yet every Chief ends up with his own at the end of the night (even after a few drinks!)

        My only answer is that is must be universal among guys!

    11. Matthew


      Amish + Restaurant =

      * No Self Control
      * Gluttony
      * Indigestion
      * Diet

      Seriously, must find me an Amish Buffet… its been a while. I hear there’s a new one in the Milroy, IN area. Anyone want to join me?

    12. Wm Justice

      I haven’t had the pleasure of eating in many Amish restaurants so I would have to say Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant in Intercourse, PA.

      1. Lee Anne

        NO DOUBT my all time favorite place in Lancaster :o)

    13. Wm Justice

      I haven’t had the pleasure of eating in many Amish restaurants so I would have to say Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant in Intercourse, PA. Their ham loaf is to die for, or perhaps better, to live for. They gave me their recipe which I make two or three times a year. It always pleases our dinner guests in Oxford, Mississippi.

      1. William I am assuming that no one has opened a PA Dutch style place in your neck of the woods yet?

        Mississippi doesn’t have a lot of Amish as you well know but it seems like it could be a hit even at that small community. The Mississippi Amish posts get a good bit of traffic on this blog, as one unscientific indicator of interest.

      2. Lee Anne


        Sorry to report Stolzfus Farm family rest has closed. It was my FAVORITE place for traditional Amish cooking.

    14. Loretta

      Karla Hans

      Karla, you asked about Reihls and Zooks in Lancaster County.
      I do not know of a resturant by either of those names, I do know of a Reihls craft place on an amish farm. And not sure what you’re asking about Zooks.

      In Lancaster County, I love Shady Maple Smorgasboard (wear your pants with the elactic), Yoders, Dienners, Family Cupboard, Oregon Dairy.

      1. Someone mentioned these two names of restaurants in Lancaster County. I only know of a Zooks store and the Reihl’s craft barn too. That is why I asked. I have never see restaurants by those names. We also enjoy Shady Maple, as well as Yoders and Family Cupboard, All excellent Amish food.

        1. Hi Loretta, Karla–these were actually names of Amish friends–the “Amish restaurants” being their kitchens! I explained a little more in response to Karla’s first comment above.

          There is also a “Zook’s Motel” in Lancaster but not an Amish place. There are some homestays but don’t know of any Amish in the full-bore lodging business 🙂

      2. Paula Harbin

        Family Cupboard was my husbands favorite place to eat in Lancaster. He went for every meal when we were in the area. I didn’t mind because the coconut cream pie was the best! Sadly they closed a couple years ago.

        1. Loretta Shumpert

          Family Cupboard

          There is a Family Cupboard in Lititz. Very good.

    15. Aunt Ruth

      Favorite Amish Restaurant

      Living in the Cleveland OH area, we go to Holmes/Wayne County Amish country several times a year. Love the broasted chicken, salad bar and everything else at The Amish Door in Wilmot. Also agree with Valerie above that Grandma’s Homestead in Charm OH has a ‘charm’ of its own. Love their breakfast buffet, including mush and sausage gravy & biscuits.

    16. marie b

      favorite amish area

      I have travelled to many amish/menonnite areas, and my favorites are:
      Mrs.Yoder’s Kitchen, Mt. Hope Ohio
      Dutch Valley Kitchen, Sugar creek Ohio
      Blue Gate Restaurant, Shipshewana, Indiana
      Das Essehaus, Middlebury Indiana
      Anna Mae’s, Millbank, Ontario Canada
      Der Dutchman Essehaus, Walnut Creek, Ohio
      Grandma’s Homestead, Charm, Ohio
      Threshers Dinner @ Amish Acres, Nappanee Indiana
      Boyd & Weirthman, Berlin, Ohio
      Tiffany’s, Topeka, Indiana

      I can’t wait to visit Ohio next month, and go to Mrs. Yoder’s, truely my favorite chicken and buffet dinner. Marie B, Windsor Ontario Canada

      1. Excellent list Marie and nice to see a Canadian entry.

    17. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I’ve never been to an Amish eatery, just a market stall with a few stools.
      I wish I had the experience of eating at an Amish restaurant, I imagine it would be homey.
      Now, if you’ll excuse me, the Rally Squirrels kept me up last night till all hours and I watched the last game of the World Series tonight, I need my rest after a long ’11 season. Go Jays in 12? Dare I dream to see the blue birds v Nats?

      1. A baseball/sports tangent comment

        Shom, on baseball, I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to go through 162 games, gut-wrenching come from behinds in the playoffs, go all the way to game 7, then lose.

        The baseball season seems too long by about 100 games. It usually only comes on my radar about playoffs time.

        I think the name we give it in the states, national “pastime”, is about right. It’s sort of a sport but not quite, at least in my thinking (hey, any game where you can wear baggy pants as a uniform, chew tobacco, and sport a belly, but still manage to compete…there is something different there than what you see from the typical athlete in most other sports). “Pastime” seems to capture it.

        1. And bringing it full circle...

          …some of these baseball athletes look like they have been to a couple Amish buffet restaurants in their time!

    18. Jon G.

      Favorite Amish Restaurant

      The favorites of my wife and I are Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury Indiana and Der Dutchman Essenhaus in Walnut Creek Ohio. They both are very clean, and have a really large menu with great food and service. Both are really great restaurants and I think owned by the same family.

      Does anyone know of some place in the Lancaster Pa area of their equal? We haven’t toured the Lancaster area near as much but could never find a similar restaurant.

      1. Marcus Yoder

        Check out the Shady Maple resturant

        1. Marcus Yoder
    19. Marilyn from New York

      I have never been to an Amish restaurant. When I was in Pennsylvania my friends said they were taking me to an Amish restaurant. The only thing Amish about it was the name. I was really disappointed. I didn’t know about Amish like I do now from you Erik, and Richard and Kevin. Now when I got to Pennsylvania, I will go to some of the above restaurants. Wish we had some Amish restaurants in New York State near where I live. I do have a friend who is Mennonite and her food is delicious. She doesn’t run a restaurant-but if you were at her house during planting or havesting season you think she did with all the workers eating there at meal time.

    20. Marcus Yoder

      Getting ready to go the Der Dutchman in Plain City, Ohio. Marcus Yoder

    21. Ann Whitaker

      Best Restaurant

      Hi Erik! We love to eat at Tiffany’s in Topeka, Indiana. How to tell the best Amish Restaurants? It’s where all the buggies are, of course! (In Shipsewana, IN “Wana Cup” is an interesting place, too.)
      Thanks for your good work!

      1. Oh, Tiffany’s in Topeka, Ind. is absolutely marvellous- especially if you want to eat where the locals eat. Many tables were full of Amish out for dinner. The food was VERY reasonable and tasty. They also had an ice cream counter, where the Amish young people were stopping in , to buy a cone or treat. Neat to experience the true Amish life!!

    22. Joan

      Amish Restaurant in NY for Marilyn

      Don’t know where you are in NY, but Essen Haus in Penn Yan is excellent. I’m sure there are others as there are a lot of Amish settlements in NY State now.

    23. Debbie Welsh

      Just got back from another little jaunt to Lancaster and have to tell you, we found another great Amish-run place that just might have Katie’s Kitchen beat! It’s called Hometown Kitchen and is located behind Fisher’s Fabric & Housewares store ( a really neat place, as well ) on Route 896 in Bart/Georgetown. It has all Amish cooks and servers, and like Katie’s, for breakfast they also have the delicious ” potatoe chip ” style fried potatoes, thick homemade bread, and yummy homemade strawberry jam. The difference, however, is in the portion size and price, with Hometown being better.

      Funny thing, though, when we were there a big group of about 25 Amish men and women came in and went into the banquet room where the tables were set up in one big half square shape, and as we were leaving the servers were just starting to take in large bowls of noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, and platters of meat and bread, giving the appearance of some kind of celebration. It just struck me funny because you usually hear of such things taking place at their homes with family and friends – not in a public place like this, you know?

      Anyway, our other favorite restaurants in Lancaster, besides those already mentioned, are the Bird-In-Hand Family Restaurant & Smorgasbord on Rt. 340, and the Dutch-Way Restaurant/Markets in Gap and Myerstown. We also loved all the places everyone has already named for Holmes/Wayne Counties in Ohio, but does anyone know of any other’s not mentioned yet?

      1. Chelsea

        Debbie – I can only think of 2 more right now in the Wayne/Holmes County area…

        The Farmstead in Berlin, OH
        Das Dutch Kitchen in Dalton, OH

        Not eaten at The Farmstead but I hear many good things about them. Das Dutch Kitchen is good. My favorite though is still Mrs. Yoder’s in Mt. Hope.

      2. Dolores Menzella

        We also frequent Hometown restaurant on Furnace Road when in the area. We are so happy that we found another restaurant owned/run by Amish people. Very good, fresh food and very enjoyable people to be amongst for a meal. And, it’s off the beaten path where we enjoy our Amish journey the best – any other new Amish restaurants besides Katie’s in that area – due to elderly parents illness we have been unable to travel to Lancaster area in last 10 or so months.

      3. Dolores Menzella

        We also frequent Hometown restaurant on Furnace Road when in the area. We are so happy that we found another restaurant owned/run by Amish people. Very good, fresh food and very enjoyable people to be amongst for a meal. And, it’s off the beaten path where we enjoy our Amish journey the best – any other new Amish restaurants besides Katie’s in that area – due to elderly parents illness we have been unable to travel to Lancaster area in last 10 or so months. We also enjoy off the beat variety stores. Does anyone know what happened to Shriner’s Flowers across from the Gordonville Book Store? Always bought our flowers there –

    24. Al in Ky.

      In the Arthur, Illinois area, I usually eat at Yoder’s in
      Arthur. I love their Sat. morning breakfast buffet.
      In the Elkhart/Lagrange Counties area, I like Village Inn in
      Middlebury and Wana Cup in Shipshewana.
      And in the Daviess County, Indiana area I like Stoll’s Lakeview
      Restaurant a couple of miles north of Loogootee. Good food and
      a beautiful setting next to a lake.

      In the larger settlements, there are sometimes one or more homes
      where you can eat a meal, with reservations and usually with a
      group. I have eaten such a meal in an Amish home near Middlebury,
      Indiana, and also in one in Daviess County, Indiana. Both had
      very good food and in both homes, the extended family members
      sang a few songs after dinner and the children recited a couple
      of poems. A very worthwhile, memorable experience.

    25. Teresa

      What's your favorite Amish restaurant?

      This is my first time posting, and I am thoroughly enjoying Amish America. Wish I would have known about this website long ago.

      In 1973 I was a newlywed, and with money in our pockets, we headed out for a 2-week driving vacation, focused on historical locations which included the Lancaster county, PA area. I knew there were many Amish in the area and I was anxious to see the buggys on the roads, as well as the Amish people – fascinating! My curiosity would lead me to focus in on every detail of the buggy, horses, tack; then at the last moment I would quickly turn my head so that they wouldn’t see me staring. I was very worried about being caught looking them in the face, since we were repeatedly told not to do so, as it was an insult to them.

      On to the food: we were in the Lancaster Co. area, don’t know highway names or numbers, but remember being intrigued by the road signs such as Bird in Hand and Intercourse, PA. We ate at a large buffet restaurant in, I believe, Bird in Hand, PA. We were told it was Amish-owned, but I don’t really know. There were long lines waiting to get in, and we were dicouraged because we were very hungry! However, no fear, the doors opened and the lines disappeared. There were long tables pushed together, and we chatted with strangers as we waited. Large steaming bowls and platters were placed on the tables family style. I don’t remember all the types of food, meat etc. served, except there was a lot of everything! What I do remember was the shoofly pie! I loved it and wanted more! The restaurant was geared towards tourists, and I didn’t see any Amish eating there when we were there. It was a fast-moving food service style (yesterday’s fast food per the Amish?). They moved the diners in and out very quickly in a controlled manner. I had never eaten in this type of restaurant before or since, and the experience was great fun for us! I would love to head back to Amish country again, for the great food and the charming culture.

    26. Marilyn from New York

      Hi Joan,

      Where in Penn Yan is Essen Haus? I would love to take a run down there and eat Amish food. Thank you so much for your help.

      1. Joan

        Reply to Marilyn

        Hi Marilyn,

        Essenhaus is located at 1300 NY Rt. 14A, Penn Yan, NY. Phone – 315-531-9500

        Hope you have a lovely dinner there.


        1. Joan

          For Marilyn Again...

          Hi again, Marilyn…

          When I went to survey that link about Essenhaus I could hardly believe my eyes. They closed in September and the restaurant is for sale. I am so sorry to have led you astray about it. I had no idea. Guess I don’t know of an Amish restaurant in NY after all (though with all the Amish currently living in NY I expect there are some.) For another good Amish/Mennonite experience that IS still open, try Sauder’s Mennonite Market on River Road in Seneca Falls, NY. It’s not a restaurant, but a large food store with all kinds of “Dutch” foods, bulk foods, cards, books, and wooden crafts and outside buildings. It is well worth the trip to experience Sauder’s. We try to go every couple months as it’s about an hour from our home. It is owned by conservative Mennonites, but many Amish shop there.


    27. Debbie Welsh

      Hi Chelsea, and thanks for your suggestions. We did eat at The Farmstead in Berlin, and although they had good food it just seemed too commercialized or lacked that certain atmosphere, if you know what I mean? Das Dutch Kitchen is a new one we’ll have to try, though. But I’m with you on Mrs. Yoder’s in Mt. Hope being the best, and the last time we were there the week-long horse sales were going on across the street at the auction so Mrs. Yoder’s had a buffet every night of it and we ate there atleast 3 times! I think the Amish in that area are a little more social and ” modern ” and tend to eat out alot more than the ones I’m used to in Lancaster County, PA. You would never see all of their buggies lined up at the hitching rails of a restaurant like you do at Mrs. Yoder’s, and then go in to see everything from just a young courting couple sitting together to a whole family of several generations enjoying a meal. And that’s what so neat and different about that area.

      1. Chelsea

        Das Dutch Kitchen is aimed towards tourists and local “English” more than the Amish. I think this has to do mainly with its location being right on Route 30 and with Swartzentrubber Amish being the main Amish in the surrounding area. They wouldn’t be as likely to eat out in a restaurant as the Old Order are. So if you want a place where Amish frequent often, I’d stick with Mrs. Yoder’s 🙂

    28. Forest

      The Windmill Bake Shop on 501 in South Boston, is Mennonite owned and operated, with Amish and Mennonite workers. Good Sandwiches and soup at lunchtime, with excellent baked goods. Closest thing we have to an Amish restaurant down this way.

    29. Forest

      South Boston, Virginia, that is…..

    30. kerry

      I’m almost embarrassed to admit that we frequent Mrs. Yoder’s on an almost weekly basis. 😀 Not good for the waistline or the wallet (it’s not expensive but we go too often!) but sure is good for the tastebuds.

      Boyd and Wurthmann is probably our second most frequent stop.

      We do like the other more “touristy” places like Dutch Valley and Der Dutchman (they are owned by the same family), but they can be pricey and are very busy with bus tours, so locals often avoid them during the season. Amish Door is just a few minutes away – we stopped going there as often as we did when they raised the prices much higher and the food seemed not as tasty as in previous years, but the last few times we’ve gone it’s been more like the old days (and busier again, which is good).

      We also like to go to the little basement restaurant in the Town and Country grocery/dry goods store in Kidron. Cheap and basic food, homemade.

    31. Theresa

      Amish Resturant

      Are there ANY Amish resturants in Southern Mi? I have searched all over & can’t seem to find any.
      Thanks for any info

    32. Levi


      I like the pie at the Emma Cafe, 3 miles south of Shipshewana. It’s made by an Amish widow who lives a mile north of the cafe. Best pie around hands down, in my opinion. She makes a her apple pies with maple syrup in the crust which give it a distinct flavor. She has some filled cinnamon rolls that are awesome as well. Good Stuff!

    33. Lena

      Amish Restaurant

      In Hartville,Ohio a good one is Hartville Kitchen & when there visit the Hartville Hardware & The Marketplace which is a nice flea market on Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. The Hardware is the largest in the U.S I believe. All owned by the Howard Miller family.
      In the Lancaster, Pa area (New Holland) the best is Shady Maple Smorgasboard.
      In Sarasota, Florida the best is Der Dutchman. The best place to take a large group – very accommodating & they have a buffet or can order from the menu.

    34. Cherie

      Amish Restaurant

      Do try Beachy’s Country Chalet Restaurant in Sugarcreek OH. I go there almost every time we visit the area. I just love their Noodles over Mash, which is no longer written on the menu but they will make it for you if you ask. It’s noodles over mashed potatoes with chicken and gravy and it is delicious! They are never very busy but the place is quite charming and the staff very accommodating.

      A couple of decades ago, Sugarcreek was the major shopping and dining area in Amish Country. Not so much anymore. The Amish tour train no longer operates. The ice cream shop is no more. I don’t understand why Sugarcreek is losing favor with tourists when it is so close to I-77. Perhaps someone else can explain.

    35. Nancy Consolo

      You Are Making Me Hungry

      I used to live in Elkhart Indiana and I miss eating the meatloaf in The Blue Gate on Tuesday’s ( I think that is the right day) and the roastbeef and noodles at EsneHause anyday. You know the latter statred as a little corner eating place back in the early 50’s, I think, and grew to it’s now huge size. But always good service. Now I live in Oregon and I get now of it !

      1. Nancy Consolo


        And now I cannot spell either !

    36. Zether

      A. J. Peachey and Sons

      If your in the Big Valley area of Central PA you have to stop by A.J. Peachey & Sons – The best… We are surrounded by Amish here in PA and this is our absolute favorite place to visit.
      A.J. Peachey & Sons, Inc.
      Aaron Peachey
      72 Barrville Rd.
      Belleville, PA 17004 Phone: (717) 667-2185
      Toll Free: (800) 982-9755

    37. Trish in Indiana

      5 & 20, Lagrange Co. IN

      Every so often when I’m hunting in Lagrange County, Indiana, I stop at the 5 & 20 restaurant, which has Dutch-style food. I’m not sure it’s anything special, but the food is filling and simple, and the restaurant’s easy to find, once you know its name. (It’s at the corner of US 20 and State Road 5.)

      None of the restaurants can really beat home cooking, of course. My mother was of partly Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, though you have to go back several generations to find a few Dunkards, and I don’t believe any were Amish. However, the German-style cooking hung on in the family line, and my father’s mother was German, so that style was familiar to him, too. My mother made the best beef and noodles and chicken and noodles. Had to cook ’em all day to get that flavor, so you had to start with very good-quality noodles, or they’d end up as paste. And the meat was even MORE slow-cooked, because she always started with canned meat. One time, she sent me into the store to pick up a can of beef, and I mistakenly came out with canned pork instead. (Same color label, but you’d think the picture of a pig instead of a cow would have tipped me off, wouldn’t you? Teenagers!) She looked at that can for a moment, then said, “Why not?” After that, pork and noodles was a semi-regular thing at our house, too.

      It used to be a cheap meal to fill up a family of eight. Now, canned meat is so much more expensive, I haven’t made it in years for myself. Hmm. Maybe I need to splurge! Which shall it be? Chicken? Beef? Pork?

    38. garrett

      favorite restaraunt

      I love the beef and noodles at the Das Dutchman essen hause,in Middlebury and the pork chops at the Bluegate restaurant in Shipshe

    39. Mark Mattingly

      Boyd and Wurthmann is my favorite

      Boyd’s opens at 5:30 am which is perfect to have a hearty breakfast before the work day starts. Seventy-five cents for coffee. Cash or check only. They are my favorite. I have tried several others as I work in Holmes County sometimes, and this is still my favorite. Owned by the Mullet family, who are Mennonite.

      1. Al in Ky

        I also like Boyd and Wurthman’s in Berlin, when I visit the Holmes County, Ohio area. It has a real “small hometown” feel to it, although they are a very busy restaurant. One thing I like is that they often have special local, seasonal items on the menu like dandelion gravy, strawberry shortcake or elderberry pie.

        A scribe from that area wrote in this week’s Budget newspaper that Boyd’s serves free coffee to local residents who are over the age of 80.

        1. I second what Al has to say here (though I haven’t tried the items you list, I’ve enjoyed each visit). Yes it’s both the food and the atmosphere. Now you have me craving a good B&W breakfast Mark, even though it’s past lunch where I am 😀