Kauffman’s Bulk Foods
3215 Five Corners Road
Jasper, NY 14855

Inside an Amish Bulk Foods Store

Tom shares some photos today from an Amish bulk foods store in the Jasper, New York Amish community (about 90 minutes south of Rochester).

Kauffmans Bulk Foods

Horses go here.

Amish Bulk Foods Store

Tom observes: “It is interesting when I go to Kauffman’s there are more English folks than Amish shopping.  Jasper is a rural area in Steuben County and most English and Amish folks live on little and have to make the most with what they have.”

Candy Amish Store

Amish bulk foods stores repackage large lots of food and cooking ingredients into smaller portions.

Amish Mason Jars

Mason (or Ball) jars are a must-have when canning time comes around.

Amish Flour Oats

Tom shares: “Kauffman has rolled oats in 50 lb bags and breaks this all items down into smaller sizes.  When I drive my Amish friends to Kauffman’s they will buy 400 lb of flour and 200 lb of white and brown sugar at a time.”

Amish Heating Stove

We’ve been discussing Amish heating lately.  Here’s a little coal power.

Amish Homemade Cards

Tom adds: “I have also liked the hand stamped Amish greeting cards.  Many Amish girls and women will make very colorful cards.  Some of the colors look over the top to me, but if you live a rather sober world color wish I guess this is a chance to enjoy color.  I will try to get some pictures of cards together in the future, you and your readers may enjoy them.”

Freezer Amish Store

Keeping things cool.

Gas Lamp Amish Store

Amish lighting in homes and stores can vary.

Cash Register Amish Store

Checkout time!  Non-electric registers and adding machines are common in more conservative Amish shops.

If you’d like to visit Kauffman’s, here’s your info:

Kauffman’s Bulk Food
3215 Five Corners Road
Jasper, NY 14855

Do you know a good Amish bulk food store? Let us know in the comments!

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