National Geographic has developed Amish: Out of the Order (you may remember this program from late 2010, featuring ex-Amishman Mose Gingerich) into a full-fledged series.  It will air in 10 parts this spring and is named, nearly identically, Amish: Out of Order.

I found the original program interesting but wonder if they’ll be able to get enough mileage out of the concept for a full series.  I’ve watched a number of the clips available on the Nat Geo site. It seems to have more of a “reality show” feel vs. the documentary/interview style of the original program.

What I mean by “reality show feel” is that it feels a bit more scripted. Though I guess for a full series it is simply necessary to do it that way–to develop a story and flesh out the characters to hold an audience’s attention over a season.

The show premieres tonight on National Geographic at 10pm ET.  Here is a description of tonight’s program:

Chris Yoder and his older brother Reuben, both ex-Amish, go to pick up their Amish friend Michael who wants to leave the sect. The brothers learn that for some, leaving the Amish isn’t as easy as it was for them. Other ex-Amish with hopes, dreams, passions and inclinations that weren’t satisfied within the confines of their Amish upbringing and culture are introduced. Abe Shetler, who after five years is quite a fan of NASCAR, girls and beer, but still yearns to return to his Amish family.

In the first clip below, Mose Gingerich shares photos he took using a camera he owned while Amish, and talks about rejection from his family:

In the next clip, “Hoss”, an English man from Macon, Missouri, talks about how he and his wife Peggy have helped former Amish, with commentary from some of the boys (plus a visit to a bowling alley):

What do you think?  Will you be watching NatGeo’s Amish: Out of Order?


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