Another home interior courtesy of Karen Johnson-Weiner.  Today, an Amish bedroom and lamp in a progressive Michigan Amish home.

amish bedroom lamp

This type of cabinet design typically holds a propane tank. These usually have wheels on the bottom making them easy to move about, with a holder for magazines, papers, or books.

However if you look close you’ll notice that there is a curly Q type light bulb in this one. Some Amish use non-traditional forms of lighting. Some bathrooms are equipped with small low illumination battery operated bathroom lights. Those are pretty convenient when stumbling around in the dark at 3am.

You sometimes see small low power bedside lamps as well. New Order Amish friends I stay with in Ohio have one on the bedstand. It’s just enough to get changed and read by.

The style of glass lampshade seen in this photo is popular among Amish.  In Monday’s post on Amish architecture we looked at changes to both the exteriors and interiors of Amish homes.  Lampshades are one area where Amish might show off a decorative flair.

Many designs are available.   To give you a sense, here is a lampshade selection in an Amish lighting and solar shop called The Lighthouse, located in Holmes County:

amish lamp shades

Here is an example of a more traditional Amish lamp.  Amish craftsmen create home furnishings–some for other Amish, such as the lamp above–and much for a non-Amish market. Read more on Amish woodworking in the Wolverine State here: Amish Furniture-Michigan.

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