Mose Gingerich on Amish: Out of Order

In today’s interview, Mose Gingerich answers questions about the National Geographic Amish: Out of Order program.  Mose shares his thoughts below on a range of topics including faith, hell, and his hopes for the series.

Amish: Out of Order is in the middle of a ten-episode run on the National Geographic Channel.  The series looks at the lives of former Amish as they deal with life in the English world.

In 2010, a similarly-named program Amish: Out of the Order aired, featuring Mose and a number of ex-Amish.  Mose grew up in a Wisconsin Amish community, and first shared his story on the Amish in the City program in 2004.   Thanks to Mose and to Kristin from National Geographic for today’s interview.

Amish America: How does this experience compare with shooting the original Amish: Out of the Order program?

Mose Gingerich Amish OrderMose Gingerich: There were a lot of similarities between the shooting of this series and the documentary “Amish: Out of the Order” we shot several years ago. You would think that would have been groundbreaking for filming Amish and ex-Amish, after they had seen that first documentary and realized that it was nothing controversial, but rather an educational film. What I found, however, was that it is and probably will always be hard to find anyone with Amish roots who is readily willing to be in the spotlight.

Why do people leave the Amish?  Are there common themes?

Mose Gingerich: I have found that the majority of Amish leave because they are tired of the strict rules and want to try a life with more freedom. There are some who feel like they have been mistreated and just want out. And there are yet others who believe they can find a better or stronger faith in God in the outside world without the ropes of a community monitoring that for them.

Are there other areas in the country like Columbia, Mo., where ex-Amish tend to gather?

Mose Gingerich: There are many areas of the United States where ex-Amish leave and try their hand in the outside world. However, to the best of my knowledge, there is only one tight-knit community like Columbia, Mo. The reason I say that is because most other communities in the more Eastern states are a lot more liberal and allow their kids who leave to still visit or even live at home with vehicles while they are exploring the world.

Amish Out of Order Nat Geo
Returning home on Amish: Out of Order

This is strongly discouraged in the Midwestern states of Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, and Wisconsin (states that Amish communities began moving into many years later).

What makes Columbia, Mo., unique in its own way is that the reason the ex-Amish find a need to form a close-knit community here is because most of them are almost completely cut off of their families. This causes them to form their own community.

There was a scene in the original program where you said you felt you were going to hell due to your decision to leave. Do you still feel that way?

From what I’ve learned and seen, there are Amish who have left and yet maintain closer relationships with their family than what seems to be true in your case. Do you have a sense of how prevalent that going-to-hell message is among all Amish?

Mose Gingerich: In my area, sad to say, a lot of the ex-Amish live and struggle with this exact fear. This fear was instilled in us from a very young age. Ever since I was old enough to listen and understand the preacher in front of church, I heard this message, both from him and my parents. If something like this has been so engrained into a child’s mind from so young an age, it only makes sense that it might take forever, if then, for it to be removed.

Mose Gingerich Amish Brothers
Mose Gingerich and brothers from Amish days

Imagine a computer, built in the factory, on which you can install all sorts of software, but every time you reset it, it goes back to factory default settings. It sometimes takes a lifetime or longer, even long after one has been saved in the outside world, for one to fully become comfortable in knowing that there is a full chance at salvation out here.

That being said, I have regretted that comment only about 1 million times, since every email and letter I get has people telling me in various ways why I am a good person, and am definitely not going to hell. I suppose without being in my shoes and having walked my walk, one can never fully grasp where I’m coming from. However, will I stumble across some very important answers for my problems in future episodes? Stay tuned.

How much does faith and God come up in the series?  One viewer noticed that episode 2 didn’t seem to have a lot of that mentioned.  From reader Eli’s comment a few weeks ago: “It wasn’t until the April 24 show was over that it dawned on me.  Through a whole hour of a girl wanting to join the Amish and taking her out and slaughtering a chicken, trying on clothes, and talking to people there was barely a mention of faith or God.  One would think that would be one of the first questions.”

You’ve helped a lot of young people that have left their Amish upbringing. Do you ever come across people whom you feel would be better returning to an Amish life?  If so what would you say to them?

Mose Gingerich: I have for many years been at a place in my life where I, like the Amish taught me, hoped that if I tried very hard all my life, there is a slight hope that I can enter the kingdom of God. However, when I left the Amish in 2002, although I still prayed quite a bit, it seemed a very long shot for me to have a chance anymore. I can say that in previous episodes, I was living on a hope and a prayer that I could make it.

Michaela Amish Out of Order
Michaela from Amish: Out of Order Episode 2

For this reason, I was uncomfortable discussing faith. These episodes therefore didn’t revolve around faith or spirituality. Speaking for Michaela, for her it starts as a social Change, but as she gets deeper in her journey the religion becomes more of a question. I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you keep watching you will see her ask questions of an Amish bishop and explore the questions of faith and God as they relate to the Amish in a later episode.

What do you hope viewers take away from the series?

Mose Gingerich: It would be hard for me to narrow it down to just one thing that I hope viewers take away from this series. The biggest and foremost, however, is HOPE and INSPIRATION! The story of so many ex-Amish including myself who wanted so badly for so many years to start a new life, and then finally, against all odds, made that leap, on a hope and prayer, has for some reason been a tremendous inspiration for so many people! I have already received countless emails from viewers who tell me how I or the series has changed their lives in a positive way forever!

People who, like myself, have been told all their lives that they are living wrong, to sit down and shut up and follow the teachings of one group or sect. Who are judged harshly and often condemned for their decision to finally break away from this past life. These people need a voice—someone who dares to stand up and tell them there is hope for them. That there is another way to find true hope, and yes, salvation, besides the one they grew up in. And most of all they just need to hear and know that they are not alone in life. That there are a lot of us who are walking in those exact shoes and we are all recovering from the aftermath of an unhappy past.

My goal going into this series was that if I can help to influence just one life, then all of it was worth it. I am very happy to announce that that one person has been multiplied many, many times! Would I do another season? Who knows? What is there to say that this series has not already said? I feel like I accomplished my mission. However, there are a lot more people out there to reach, so stay tuned!

Amish: Out of Order premieres new episodes each Tuesday at 10 pm on The National Geographic Channel.  Tonight’s episode will be the 6th in the series.

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    1. Richard from Amish Stories

      Mose keep the standard's high.......

      I have just recently seen “Amish out of order” even after telling myself that i would not be watching another reality show with an Amish theme. And i have to tell you i was surprised because i kind of liked this one maybe because it has some “heart”, and i credit Mose in helping to change my mind about this “one” just a little. So will i keep watching well the answer would be “yes” i will, all i ask is to not go over the line and start exploiting people like so many shows before this one, and keep the high standards. So i say to Mose “please continue to help educate us on what its like being ex-Amish”, and please keep this show in the direction that so far it seems to be going which is “stay respectful of your past”. Richard

      1. Ditto to Richard’s comment. There’s something about Richard’s comments that always seem to mirror my own thoughts. I think the series has been good so far. Like Mose said, unless you’ve been in their shoes, you can’t possibly know what they go through – which I think is different for many, but still similar as well. We, on the outside, have a hard time wrapping our minds around possibly having to lose our families and loved ones by stepping outside the box – even if it’s to deepen our faith in and love for God. Thanks for sharing ~

      2. Melissa Gelder


        Mose I am a major fan of what you are doing with these young people and how you are getting them set up. I believe that if you are helping people God will not judge you for that and for leaving the Amish even though they frown on it who cares you are doing the Lords work by helping these kids. Not being Amish myself I want you to know that you are doing great. I am willing to help you help these kids too so if anythng send me an e-mail telling me how I can help.

        Thank you and my God bless you and keep you.
        Melissa G.

      3. Steve Debo

        Been to columbia and live in Ohio

        I was in columbia last week stayed at the Drury inn on Knipp street. I live in ohio, and work sometimes in columbia. Long drive I might add. I seen you worked at a car dealership or ownened it for that matter, I am coming back to columbia this week to finish up a house I am working on and thought it would be some what neat to meet ya. I have seen dozens of amish, my community here in Hillsboro ohio has many many amish familys, me and wife and girls see the horse drawn buggies on a regular basis. The amish in my area have actually built a shelter at the local lowe’s so when they go to pick up materials i suppose they have a safe place to harbor their horse’s. I have a question I guess, if the religion is so so strict, and amish are to be non dependent on the ease of society’s tools like electric and cars trucks etc. Why is it ok for them to hire someone and in some manner fashion or form pay for a truck and you sometimes well actually alot, you see the amish in trucks vans being transported from one place to another. I just wondered how that all worked, seems like a really slippery slope in my opinon, with regards to you and other amish that want to see what is in this great big wide world. Seems some of the amish ways are a little double standard and seems some of their ways seem like it is ok for them to oblish their true heritage like not owning a truck. but they pay for a regualr god fearing guy to buy a truck and they pay that guy to drive them. I know i rambled on here but maybe you could shed some light on my subject.

        Steve Debo
        Hillsboro Ohio 45133

    2. Lee Ann

      I agree with Richard about keeping the “Out of the Amish” series educational and respectful of the past of the ex-amish.

      I so respect Mose and his helping those who do want to get out of the Amish and sharing his own experiences. To hear of the hard times these people go through to get out and find a new life, is so sad. If I lived closer, I would open my home to help others the way Mose has and allow some of these to live with us until they could get on their own.

      I was worried as well that this series would take advantage of the Amish lifestyle. I will continue to watch the series and support any other that Mose may do.

    3. Judy

      Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Amish in the City series? Having learned what we have from Mose, and other brave souls,I would like to see it. Thanks, Mose. Keep educating us non-Amish.

    4. I actually watched most of the Amish in the City series. I also wonder if we can get a copy of that series (of this one as well because I don’t have that Nat Geo channel!). Please let me know! Thanks!

    5. Lester

      Growing up Amish in Northern Indiana, Elkart county, I really never got to experience what Mose went thru. My parents left the Amish in 1966 when I was 15 and joined the conservative mennonite church. My parents were excommunicated after a vote was taken in amoungest the preachers to give them a church letter in good standing 3-2, but the bishop who was my mother’s uncle decided to go ahead with the ban and excommunication. He was her my grandpa’s brother. Even then members of the amish church along with my grandparents refused to honor the ban and it was lifted 6 months later by the elders who made the bishop lift it. This had never happened before and probably wouldn’t happen today because the culture has somewhat changed. My grandfather (Daudy) was one of the few amish who believed in faith and it only mattered to him that you believed and not the church you attended was going to save you. If his brother would have known at the tie, he would have excommunicated him as well since he loaned his youngest son, my uncle, to attend the University of Notre Dame to become an architect. Years late when my grandfather die, this same bishop asked my Dad if he could ride with them to the grave site for the burial service. He, the retired bishop had already made a change due to him living with his daughter who left the Amish while he was staying with her. Please forward this to Mose. Not all Amish communities are alike.

      1. OldKat

        Interesting comments Lester. Thanks for sharing your family history with us.

    6. Lance

      I won’t pay for cable or satellite, so i cannot watch it on tv.

      Is there a legal way to watch this over the internet?

      1. Carolyn B

        I second Lance's question

        I have the same request as Lance — where else to access this or other similar shows? I’m going to pray that this eventually ends up on some public broadcasting channel where it can be viewed.

        Thanks for sharing this, Erik. I’m such a TV-aholic that I’d probably be glued to the tube when this played.

      2. Carol

        About watching w/o cable

        I have found (since I do not have cable, or even simple TV on antenna)That if you wait until it is sold by the channel (in this case National Geographic)on DVD after the season finishes. Also they go on sale at Christmas time. OR you can many times view them on-line on your computer after season is over at the channel’s web site. I recommend going to a “free-WiFi” venue such as Starbucks to view them as they will use up you WiFi time on your own access. I can not afford my own anyway so I use Coffee houses, Lowes, Home Depot, Office stores, and some restaurants or Grocery stores.

    7. Rudy

      To Mose

      I grew up in Iowa, I did not know that the amish were that strict in wis, where Mose grew up, After we were married one tryed to get the shunning in the church. Thats when we decided to go to a mennonite church,Glad we did. to many of the amish beleive the only way to heaven is follow there strict rules. That is not what the bible says, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ & thou shall be saved, P.S. I would like to talk to Mose if wants some information

    8. Sherry RI

      Mose Gingerich

      I believe salvation comes from the heart, faith, mind and body…..thank-you so much for educating everyone that watches.

    9. Sandra

      Amish are Out of Order

      It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can read one book and get a bizillion different beliefs out of it! People can actually read an explicit instruction or prohibition and do the exact opposite! Fascinating!

      A guy named Kenneth Hagin wrote a pamphlet called “IN HIM.” It tells the believer who s/he is in Christ Jesus via the Scriptures. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand their born-again identity.

      1. MA in MO

        Thank you Mose Gingerich

        Enjoyed this article very much. We do not have cable, won’t pay for it. Would love to get the series on DVD. Different clans, for lack of a better word, do have different rules. One of the most often asked questions is what is the difference between the Amish and Mennonites? Would love to hear an explanation. To the person who asked if the Amish were a cult, the answer is NO! They are not a cult. To the person who was confused by how so many can read the Bible and come up with so many different “ways to live out what it says” is simple, mankind, us humans make it a whole lot harder than it needs to be. The tenets of Christianity are: Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus died on the cross of Calvary. Jesus was buried in a tomb. Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of his father’s — God Almighty’s — throne; then you are a Christian. John 3:16. If you go on to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by prayer and supplication and carry out Jesus’ instructions of “if you love me you will follow my commandments” it is so much better and your reward will be crowns in Heaven. Do people back slide? Yes. Does that mean they loose their salvation, No. This was the hardest concept for me to “get!” A friend put it this way:”MA would Jesus give you something (as in Salvation) and then take it away (as in remove your Salvation because you made a mistake)?” No. Like the Lost Son, the relationship was broken but he was still his father’s Son.

    10. I watched Amish in the City many years ago when it aired here in Sweden and I always kept wondering what happened to the people in the series, in particular Mose. There was something about him that captured me. I have not wanted the new show, no channel airs it in Sweden but I hope someone will.

    11. Valerie

      Stay Tuned for Heartwarming Episode

      If I may quote an email I got from Joe Keim of MAP (Mission to Amish People):

      “Some of you have been watching Amish Out of Order, put on by Nat-Geo (National Geographic Channel). But for those who haven’t been following the 10-part series on Tuesday evenings, let me encourage you to watch the episode #6 re-run on Tuesday, May 29 at 11pm to 12am. This episode truly brings out the heart of Mission to Amish People. It also shows what happened when Mose Gingrich gave his life to Christ. You will have a hard time watching the one hour show without shedding tears.”

      From what I heard, this was an awesome get together with Joe Keim & Mose-and of couse, the end result you will have to watch-
      We got rid of regular cable-did anyone find out how else this can be viewed? I don’t want to miss this-especially knowing Joe Keim’s heart too. His burden for those that leave is what keeps him spending his life in service to the Lord (& his wife’s)

      Erik, have you ever interview Joe Keim of MAP?

      1. I have not Valerie. Would be interesting however. I’ve certainly heard a lot about him, and recently finished the book Plain Secrets by Joe Mackall which I thought gave an interesting look into what he does.



      Having come out of a religious cult into Christianity, I wonder if the Amish religion is a cult:
      1. What is their understanding of Jesus’ nature?
      2. Do they accept the death and divine resurrection of Jesus?
      3. Do they follow the concept that the Bible only is the final authority of doctrine and teaching for Christians? Based on what I’ve seen in the series, I am impressed that their elders constitute the the final authority.
      4. Do they teach that salvation comes ONLY through acceptance of and belief in Christ? Again, I strongly suspect that it is a strongly works-oriented religion.
      5. Any other cultic beliefs in the Amish? They seem to be extremely fearful – a sure sign of a cult, in my experience.
      I was really struck by the joy in the ex-Amish kids’ faces in that Christian outreach ministry shown in one of the programs. Their faces spoke volumes.
      Keep up the good work.
      Thank you,
      Wallace Slattery

      1. Amish=cult?

        Wallace by the tone of your comments it sounds like you have already decided on the answer to your main question 🙂

        Amish believe that Jesus was Lord, died for the sins of mankind and rose from the dead. They read the Bible literally and consider it the final authority. There is authority vested in the leaders of each of the 1900+ Amish congregations in helping to maintain the standards which all Amish commit to at baptism (and which they believe help them live a stronger Christian life in community). But it is not necessarily the authoritarian model that it is often portrayed as, though some leaders may take advantage of their position and abuse their power in some cases (and can be subject to discipline as well if that turns out to be the case). Amish generally maintain a “living hope” of salvation though there are currents of assurance of salvation belief, particularly among the New Order Amish churches.

        Remember watching this series you are going to get a certain view of the Amish delivered with the natural biases of those who no longer want to be Amish. A lot of them had bad experiences while Amish. I’m not knocking them, it is just good to keep that in mind. If you are truly interested in the Amish it might be worth seeking out other resources as well.

    13. Lisa Zanke


      I recently read Growing up Amish by Ira Wagler and found it fascinating. The reason being – I am a born again Christian and look at the Amish with respect because of their values. They “live” the Christian life more than most professing Christians do. They live the way Christ wants us to live – Loving God, helping others, and loving each other. But the Amish seem to only love other Amish. They are forgiving of all, but they are blinded in so many areas of Scripture. The most obvious being what Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” All nations means all people of every race and creed. We are to start where we live but then branch out. My prayer would be that every ex-Amish seek to know the true Jesus in Scripture- allow God to answer -and then you can go into your “nation” with the power of the Holy Spirit and preach the Good News as Jesus taught. I love the show and think I saw a spoiler. My prayer for you Mose is to seek the Truth and learn to know God as Father. He loves you more than your parents ever could. Just look at the cross and you will see Amazing Love.

    14. Rudy

      Ya Mose

      Mose u see my E_Mail address, sent me ur E- Mail address so we can communicate , love ur show, Jr.

    15. john martinovich


      Mose I watched your show and I think I can help out. I have worked with kids as a performing arts teacher. I would like to set up a meeting with you. Im not affilated with a religious institution I am a child of the Universe a follower of Jesus Christ. Please let me know. John M

    16. Forgiveness and healing

      Mose, I’ve been watching Amish Out of Order and have enjoyed watching your spiritual journey. The last episode I watched really moved me. In the episode you talked about the physical abuse you went through. I hope you know this already, but what you experienced and called a “spanking” was truly a child abusive beating. No ” spanking” would leave you with blood running into your shoes. No matter what you did, said, believed, etc would EVER justify that kind of response. Please know I admire you for your bravery of conquering your fear and look up to you for your desire to extend forgiveness. I’ve been a Catholic all my life by the way, and you have more spirituality and desire to truly find God than most Catholics I’ve known in my 35 years of life. If anyone is going to hell, it’s not going to be you my friend : ) I’m sorry you went through such a hard childhood and wish you all the best in helping the Ex-Amish and yourself to find the loving true God that doesn’t judge, but loves all that seek him.

      1. Jeanne Kelley

        How are you doing now?

        Hey there, how are you doing now?

    17. Ada Car

      To Mose

      My TV was packed and I have been moving so I miss seeing the last two or more? of your show and hope to see reruns when I am set up again. The funny thing is I am moving to an area I did not know had Amish. The closest is a mile or so down the road. I hope you got my email about the idea for collage and high school GED for ex Amish. I feel your show, what I have seen, is great. Keep up the good work and I agree with the first commenter Richard. Please I know we are all faceless commenter’s but despite that I feel I should say if there is ever anything I can do or might be able to help with please email me as I live south of you Columbians here in MO..

    18. Beverly

      You are truly like your namesake......

      Moshe…to lead others out of the wilderness and into the Promised Land. You have an awesome calling. I think you are the cat’s meow, your sense of self-awareness, your insights, your personal gifts and strengths, your humility, your ethics. I cried when I saw that your father beat you to the point of bloodshed. That was child abuse, plain and simple. And any adult in your sphere who knew it was taking place is guilty of passive abuse….including your mother! There, I have said it. (My husband and I have used a lot of energy healing modalities to successfully heal most of those deep, long standing psychic wounds from our childhoods – still a few to go). I am old enough to be your mother…sometimes when you talk about your hurt, I just want to put my arms around you, like a mother. I hurt so badly for you. I think the Holy One of Israel has great things in store for you yet! Keep up the good work!

    19. CB


      Hi. Don’t watch much TV as most not worth watching. Happened upon Amish:OOO, it grieved me greatly of the rejection by your family, mostly by your parents, but also the rejection of the younger men who are virtually growing up in a tumultuous world without the love & guidance of parents. Your gentleness and great respect for others is admirable, and your generosity is overwhelming being you have been so wounded. I am no expert, but have found that authentic love which seeks nothing for itself, kindness, patience , gratefulness, mercy, and Forgiveness can heal that woundedness, or else be driven to ease that pain by what the world offers: drugs, alcohol, sex, etc., ie., emptiness, then despair. I do not judge you , but only hope & pray that you can forgive all your offenders, especially your parents. It seems that you really seek their acceptance & forgiveness, that would be awesome, but you must not expect it as you may be disappointed, adding to your woundedness. If you truly forgive them , seeking nothing for yourself, only seeking approval of Our Good God, you will never be disappointed again. You have overcome many huge obstacles, but not by your natural abilities, they are surely supernatural abilities showered on you by our loving, gentle forgiving, merciful God, one that does not rule by fear or violence.He made you for Himself, you are made to be loved eternally by Him. He does not will anyone to be separated from Him , it is our choice to accept His love & mercy, or not. He will reveal Himself to you, in fact He already has thru others, but He moves in the quiet, He whispers, is often silent. Mose, nothing can separate you from Him, if you seek Authentic Love & Truth. God Bless you and your comrades.

    20. Gary Atkinson

      Chater 12 -1st Corinthians

      HI MOSHE!
      I have learn a lot from my Baptist boy upbring and had a real heavenly encounter by yielding to Holy Spirit speaking in tongues at age 30 which led to me receiving other gifts. I have a anointing in me and in my left hand to lay hands on the sick especially to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in other languages that I DO NOT HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING KNOWN AS TONGUES, INFECTIONS AND CASTING OUT OF DEMONS. I have seen many miracles far more in the early seventies than I do today. I do believe another wave is coming called The latter rain spoken by the prophet Joel. I believe God is using you in a marvelous way with much more anointing to come
      Jehovah Jesus Bless you Moshe

    21. Connie

      You are a blessing!

      I was visiting at a friend’s home and ‘happened on’ the “Amish, Out of Order”. I was spellbound, and actually stayed up late for hours to view this. Mose, I feel you have such a heart and compassion for the young ‘ex-Amish”. I pray that you continue on the journey and find lasting happiness and peace in the Lord. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou wilt be saved” — the Bible teaches YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AMISH TO BECOME SAVED AND GO TO HEAVEN!!!!!

    22. Ryan Hicks

      Maybe this will help you in your search

      Ryan Hicks here. I am from Sandy Utah. I served a two year mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in Cleveland Ohio. I loved it out there and will return soon. Living out in Ohio for two years was my first experience in meeting some of the Amish. Very hard working and nice people. I am sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstances between you and your mom and i hope things get better. I had just recently watched the episode of your series in which you are searching to fill a spiritual void in your life. I believe all of us have been there, myself included. One thing that has helped me find who i am, where i came from and where i am going is a book called The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It a record of a people that lived in the Americas back in 600 B.C. The reason I recommend this is because it contains an account of Christ, after He was resurrected, visited the America’s(south america to be exact) and taught them the same Gospel He taught in Holy Lands in the eastern hemisphere of the world. This book has changed my life with the truths that have been recorded in it. I know it is true. Now Mose, i can tell your not the type of person that takes things at face value and believes anything you hear or see. Which is why if you wanted i would love to send you a Book of Mormon so you can read it for yourself and not only that but then pray and ask God, in the name of Christ if what you’ve read is true, for He is the source of all truth and if anyone would let you know something is true it would be Him. I did and i now know it is true. The wonderful people of Ohio who i taught, took the same challenge and they came to know as well. I know that if you are truly seeking to fill a void, the Book of Mormon will do that for you. The last book in the Book of Mormon (Moroni 10:3-5) contains the promise that once you have read and have a real desire to know, if you pray you will receive your answer by the power of the Holy Ghost. Check it out Mose, what have you got to lose? Thanks again, ill keep watching.

      1. Jerry Boettger

        Just a follow-up on one other post here. Beware of the Book of Mormon. It is an addition to the Bible which we are prohibited from
        adhering to. (Rev.22:18)A false prophet is responsible for that book.

    23. Ashley Mol


      I would be more than willing to assist in the introduction into the “english” world. You can contact me via email at
      Thank you and God bless!

    24. Gerry

      The Truth

      I Greatly admire the ex-Amish people profiled on Amish: out of order, and what Mose Gingerich is doing. These young men are very wise for their years, I think because of their sheltering from the influence of a greedy and self centered world. It was so sad to see Cephus die he had so much To Live For. But I want to let Mose and his people know that Satan’s time is very short on this world and he is doing everything he can to discourage true believer’s any way he can, including killing loved ones. We are in a war, Gods way Love, peace, caring for others and Satan’s way of self centered hate and destruction. Only God has the truth and it is in his word! His commandments are still in affect. Every denomination out their is doing things contrary to the word including the Amish! Follow Jesus and God, but which Jesus and God? Sunday worship? The true worship day is Saturday the sabbath. Jesus Kept the sabbath day even in death. Do you work and do business on the sabbath day? Most the world does. The dead sleep in Christ until Jesus’ coming on the last day, they don’t go to heaven or roam the earth in bodiless form! Satan’s first lie was you will not surely die. Speaking in unknown tongues another deception! It was clearly used to communicate in known languages not spoken by the followers of Jesus. It says in the bible let all things be done in order, not confusion. My God is a god of love and forgiveness but also a God of Law and order. Jesus says in the word that he is coming back to destroy them that destroy the earth, I praise the Amish people for their lifestyle the way they take care of the earth but not the way they care for their outcast loved ones that is not the way of Jesus! Mose if you want to save your family and friends read your bible and don’t listen to the world that thinks their Christians when their not, just lawless! Look up the seventh day Adventist’s if you want to learn correct doctrine P.S. Ask your producer of your show why they won’t profile the seventh day Adventist’s? Probably because Satan wouldn’t want the real truth of JESUS to get out. Look up on the web Amazing facts, Sabbath Truths, bible universe these web sites will help you get a better understanding of what they believe and the bible truths. May GOD Bless your mission to save others.

    25. Debra Bish

      I live among the Amish

      My husband’s grandmother, while in her declining mental capacity, was conned into selling her 90+ acres to a man who then kept the gas & mineral rights & parcelled & sold the land to the Amish. She could have been declared mentally incompetent, but the family decided that would be too disrespectful. We were able to buy back about 6 acres of the land, minus the gas & mineral right. The Amish in this area do not ever apologize to yankees (what they call us here)when they are in the wrong–no matter what. They consider us demonic. Most of the youth are bitter, angry, raging, disrespectful, and inconsiderate, causing yankees to hate them which only fuels the fire & widens the separation between the 2 cultures. Your show helps us yankees to understand why the Amish youth are so miserable. I rarely see them smile, Seldom see any joy. They only show minimal respect for me (if that word can be used loosely) because they see me work as hard as a man and their elders have high regard for hard work. They bring cookies at Christmas, plow our driveway with horses when it snows esspecially hard, and we are civil & neighborly when we meet. We leave them to themselves because they take advantage of we “demonic yankees” at every possible opportunity. They left a cousin with a $700 phone bill for months until it was shut off. They eventually paid for it & were forced to get a phonebooth put in because no one would let them use their phones. They hook up illegal hoses to feed gas from one family’s home to serve several homes, run multiple water lines from yankee springs & wells to feed several barns & homes rather than drill their own, then run the wells dry. They poach game at night sometimes from our land. They beat & work their horses to death & leave them lie along the road for days. They (I must say “allegedly”,as I heard it from another Amish girl, not the original girls) rape their daughters to “break their haughty rebellious spirits”–and when, on the one occassion a girl reported her father & brothers to the yankee authorities because the Amish authorities wouldn’t do anything to stop it, she was taken into foster care until the investigation was complete, returned to her family, and her family took her out to the barn & pulled all her teeth out with no anesthesia. That was a lesson for all girls to keep their Amish business secret. When my daughter was 13 she took the dog for a walk. Some young Amish girls walked with her & talked pleasantries for awhile & suddenly one Amish girl asked my daughter if she liked to have sex with her brother. Shocked, she said, “No!” The girls said that they do, it’s fun, everybody does it, you should try it! My daughter never talked to any Amish after that. They are not decent, nor charming, nor happy people. How can I help them to escape that life, if they wanted to, as damaged as they are mentally, spiritually, and sometimes physically?

    26. Jerry Boettger

      There is hope

      Praise God! He is doing a wondrous work in drawing out a people for Himself from the Amish Communities of North America.I have watched several of your shows and am glad that a show like this is on T.V. I having been brought up in the Mennonite faith also have Amish in my distant past. I just want to say that there is most definitely hope for all of you ex-amish regardless of what the Amish faith says otherwise.I would strongly encourage you and the other ex-amish to read
      Joseph Prince’s book called ” Destined to Reign” It is a challenging read regarding the whole issue of Living by Grace vs.
      Living by the Law. The Amish faith is a Life of Works,a Life of Law
      which none of us have the ability to do perfectly.It is only by God’s Grace that we are able to be saved. We are Not able to be saved by obeying the Law. Just stay away from the cults. Let the Spirit of God have His way in your life. There is a Hell for sure
      but you are Not going there just because you or anyone else has stepped out of the Amish faith. Keep on your journey of faith.

      1. Connie

        Thanks, Jerry, I too, have a similar background to you and DO agree with your comments !

    27. Dennis Lyons

      Help for Amish kids who come out into the world

      Hi I am wondering if anyone knows how to get a personal message off to Mose Gingerich? I would like to (In the near future)contribute money to Mose and his cause. As I believe that what he is doing is one of the nicest things that Ive seen anybody do in a very long time!!! If anybody knows how to send a message to Mose I would be very appreciative! Or if Mose reads these messages my E-mail address is: Thanks P.S. I will only be sending contributions once I verify that they are going to the propper person (Mose)

    28. Jules


      I was raised Catholic and that same message was taught to me. If you don’t follow the specific requirements of the Church, then there is no hope for you. I took a step back from my Church and have visited many others who all seem to have a similar threat. I think they use that to make you fall into place and do as they say. My husband used to be a non-denominational pastor. He is now an IT engineer, but back in the day he gave me a message that changed my faith. Jesus suffered and died on the cross for all of our sins: past, present and future,in the name of His Father. As long as you live with conscience, do not have malice on your heart, do good works and love all others, YOU ALREADY HAVE THE PROMISE OF HEAVEN STRAIGHT FROM THE BIBLE.

      It made me sad to hear you say that you would always be different from everyone else because you are ex Amish and you help others who are searching for their true faith. Everyone loses their way a little and sometimes a lot when searching. I believe God will help the children that you are guiding the best that you can. YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD ALWAYS AND FOREVER. YOU ARE NOT DIFFERENT FROM ANY OF US. WE ALL BELONG TO GOD AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO HELP THESE PEOPLE IS TO BE COMMENDED AND WILL ONLY TAKE YOU TO A HIGHER PLACE IN HEAVEN. I hope that you can feel His Hand on you always and achieve true peace and happiness. YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE BLESSED AS WELL AS YOUR FAMILY FOR STANDING BY YOU!

      1. Connie Stinson


        Thanks for sharing….I was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving CHRISTIAN ( Mennonite) family), but I really hurt for those who didn’t.

        GOD DOES LOVE YOU !!!

        Always HAS and Always WILL !

        ~~ Connie ~~

        1. bob phillips


          Mose my mother raised my siter and i to respct other beleifs she said you will know when crist is in your heart and not to judge others (asit says in the bible crist said judge not onless you are judged) people have forgotten about the good felling of the results of manual labour.

    29. Reaching out

      Is there anyway I could befriend / connect with any Amish or ex Amish people?

      Ps Phil

    30. Lisa Smith

      I need to communicate with you MOSE, PLEASE READ

      Dear Mose:
      I have watched your life unravel on television. I know and can relate to no family. I have watched some of your old shows and I just can’t stop thinking about how many Amish are in my area, and how they must want to leave but do not have a place to go? I live on the outskirts of Risingsun IN, I live on 3+ ac. of land. I live alone and would love to help. If there is any way that I can help anyone and teach, please keep me as a friend on face book, or keep my email address. Please, please let me know if there is anything I can do? I just can’t stop thinking about everything ex Amish have to go through. I think that GOD places us in others lives to guide and help. I have always had a good heart about when it comes to helping others.. I am English, and I don’t know how Amish would feel about living with an English women. I want to help! Please respond to my email.. Thank you Mose, and may god bless you, your family, and all your friends. You have a new friend here in Risingsun IN.. Lisa KrystalAnn Smith

    31. Erin

      KrystalAnn, Mose Gingerich has a website that you might find useful. Recently, he also started a Q&A with his followers.

      I have submitted questions and he’s really good at answering them rather quickly.

    32. Cathy Lorentze-Perkin

      Mose is a great advcate for the ex-Amish


      You work at the same dealership as my husband, and I grew up near the Clark, MO Amish community and have met many wonderful Amish People in my life.

      Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing with the young people on the show. I find something new everytime I watch the show and learn things new all the time.

      The show that pull my heart string is when Cyphis pasted away, I really think that young man would have made his 2 millions dollars, and you would have had to eat your shorts. He had a wonderful mentor.

      Mose keep up the wonderful work at steering these young peaple in the right direction.

      Cathy Lorentzen-Perkins

    33. Christianity is a choose

      Mose I saw your show my heart goes out to you. So many religion are like the Amish. I love my God and I’m thankful that he gave us a choose. I’ve seen people get out of a strict religion just to go bad. I believe God sent his son Jesus Christ so we may have a choose. But so many religion wants you to do it their way not Gods way. I was very concerned when I saw the Pentecostal Preacher reaching out to the Amish people. Because it’s another religion that keeps to their self. Christian need to meet together and read the Bible. And everyone welcome. Keep out all of men’s traditions and rules. All we need is in the Bible. Don’t add or take away from the Bible. There is a lot of feel good Preachers and cults. I wish you all Gods love and you have a relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. I know what helped me and my husband. We listen to a man Michael McDaniels. He was preach how so many people are confused. That we are to read the whole Bible. But God sent his son to save the whole world not just the Jews. That after he died on the cross he struck Paul blind it’s starts in Acts about the 9th chapter. To make along story short. Paul was to reach the Gentiles while the 12 apostles where to reach the Jewish people. I wished so bad I could help you And everyone that is not sure. Some of the Preachers that teach the scriptures right are David Jeremiah. Charles Stanley, and Adrian Rogers.
      I wished you all the luck in the world and May The Lord be with you.

    34. Gary Atkinson


      HI MOSE!
      I really enjoyed “AMISH OUT OF ORDER”
      Those are good men of GOD but they don’t teach the full gospel.
      I was saved speaking in tongues and since that time I have seen the blind see, the lame walk, devils cast out, and the dead raised. So it’s to late to convince me it is not for today.
      We are in the end of days and Elijah the prophet is about to show up and straighten out the Church and pave the way for the LORD’s coming just like John the Baptist did and turn the hearts of the children back to their fathers.
      Keep seeking GOD’s truth in Jehovah Jesus name.