Yesterday I attended an Amish church service in a friend’s district.  I only really fell asleep one time, during the ten-minute kneeling prayer near the very end.

But I had at least roused myself by the time everyone stood up.  I clambered to my feet, but nearly keeled over sideways as I tried to shake the sleep out of my head.

I can only imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t–had the entire congregation risen while I remained faceplanted on my seat with tail in the air.  Would have never lived that one down.  I’ve no doubt I would have been ribbed out of the room during the typically jovial fellowship meal following.

So yes, I fell asleep in church, but hey, if that sounds bad, believe me, I’m not the only one that has to fight off nodding off during the 3-hour meeting.

I started to really struggle about 2 hours in.  You start doing a little dance where you move your legs and back about, and shift your weight from side to side on your seat.  When that stops working, you can lean forward to prop your face on your hands.  That position can be dangerous though.

Staying awake can be a challenge even when you understand the language being spoken.  Particularly if you’re on a 4 am farmer schedule.  Or just had a big breakfast.

More important, of course, was the message of the preaching which, as usual, I got caught up on afterwards.  One preacher also added an admonition directed to the boys in the room, on worldly dangers.

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