Amish Canning

Canning is an important part of the Amish home economy.  Sprawling gardens provide a wide range of produce for Amish families.

Amish Pickles

Canning helps keep Amish in fruits and vegetables throughout the winter.   Amish also can some meats.

Amish Canned Goods

Today Tom shares some photos from an Amish basement, also in the Jasper, New York Amish community.   This is from the basement of a family with 9 children.

Canned Amish Fruit

As you can see this all takes a lot of supplies.

Empty Amish Mason Jars

Amish Canning Lids


Amish Canned Foods


Amish Basement CanningCan you tell what’s in these jars?  I’m actually not sure what everything we’re seeing here is.  But I’d probably eat it all!

And any canners out there, what do you like to can?


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