Amish Canning

Amish Canning

Canning is an important part of the Amish home economy.  Sprawling gardens provide a wide range of produce for Amish families.

Amish Pickles

Canning helps keep Amish in fruits and vegetables throughout the winter.   Amish also can some meats.

Amish Canned Goods

Today Tom shares some photos from an Amish basement, also in the Jasper, New York Amish community.   This is from the basement of a family with 9 children.

Canned Amish Fruit

As you can see this all takes a lot of supplies.

Empty Amish Mason Jars

Amish Canning Lids


Amish Canned Foods


Amish Basement CanningCan you tell what’s in these jars?  I’m actually not sure what everything we’re seeing here is.  But I’d probably eat it all!

And any canners out there, what do you like to can?

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  1. Barbara

    Canning Jars Needed


    I am wanting to purchase clear 16 oz mason jars and lids in bulk (No name brand) at a reasonable price. My question is, “Does the Amish community sell jars and lids to the public?” And if so, do you have any suggestion on where I can find this source?

    Thank You!


    1. Dawn

      bulk canning jars

      Hi Barbara.

      Yes. The Amish do sell generic canning jas to the public. I use them and have had no poblems at. Look for an Amish community near you. There’s usually a dry gods store where you can go buy your jars. I live in Illinois and drive to Arthur (home to a large Amish group), 1-2 times a month. I love buying spices and other supplies in bulk at very reasonable prices.

      Hope this helps. Happy canning!


      1. Dawn

        Sorry for the misspelled words….

        *canning jars not canning jas
        *dry goods not dry gods

        Happy canning!!


  2. Tom

    Authentic Amish Cook Book

    Where can I obtain an Authentic Amish cook book and also authentic Amish quilt patterns for my wife.

    1. Linda

      Quilt books

      Hopefully, you can copy and paste these links, but if not, just go to and look up these books and the many others to choose from. Hope this helps.

      Product Details
      Amish Patchwork: Full-Size Patterns for 46 Authentic Designs (Dover Quilting)Oct 27, 2011
      by Suzy Lawson

      Amish Quilting Patterns: 56 Full-Size Ready-to-Use Designs and Complete Instructions (Dover Quilting)Oct 27, 2011
      by Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham

      Product Details
      Amish-Country Cookbook, Vol. 2Jul 1986
      by Sue Miller and Bob Miller
      $0.02used & new(47 offers)
      $9.99used & new(11 offers)
      4.7 out of 5 stars 11
      Product Details
      Lancaster County CookbookOct 1, 2003
      by Louise Stoltzfus
      Only 16 left in stock – order soon.
      More Buying Choices
      $0.83used & new(67 offers)

    2. I respect the Amish so much. If more people were to follow there ways the world would be a better place for all.

  3. Mags

    Amish cook / quilts

    The original Amish Cook, Elizabeth Coblentz, was an old irder amish housewife who published a recipe column for years. Her daughter Lovina Eicher has taken it over since Elizabeth’s death. The recipes have been preserved in several books. I have noticed that the amish may use processed prepackaged ingredients, and many recipes may not be the epidome of healthy cooking. Her publisher has written about the difficulties of working with an author who does not have a phone or fax.

    Virtually all quilt patterns are used by the amish. The difference is in the fabrics. They piece not applique. They use solid colors, jewel tones. The patches are sewn by hand or treadle machine, with hand quilting.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Shell


    I live in Florida where it’s very hot I would like to start canning put don’t know where to store my canning good properly any help would be grateful to tell me how to build something or any help would be great .ps I live in a single wide mobile home.

  5. Kim Hymer

    Canning the amish way

    Do the amish use a pressure cooker to do there canning?

  6. KimH

    Amish canning

    Some Amish use pressure Canners, some don’t.
    Many tend to use a water bath method they call “coldpack’ for several hours.
    I know people who do both.

  7. Phyllis Burkhead

    I am looking for jelly jars reasonably priced

  8. Martha Carroll

    Hello. I so respect the Amish communities and all of their hard work. My question is, once canning is done, at what time are the bands taken off?

    Thank you

    1. Alice Aber

      Bands - Martha

      Martha, once the jars are completely cooled you may remove the bands. At that time you would also inspect the jars and lids to make sure you have a proper seal.


  9. Sue


    how do the Amish can their meats and other things that should be done by pressure canners?

    is there any Amish communities or farms in NC/SC/GA?

    can I purchase any of their canned goods or other items?

    any honest basic living books by the Amish?