“It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff with nothing but darkness…you don’t know what’s down there.  But you just know you’re gonna jump.”

National Geographic is currently airing “Amish: Out of the Order”, a program about leaving the Amish.  I’ve posted a clip below.  Curious to hear your comments.

I’ll make two of my own:  it’s not made clear, at least in this clip, whether the folks in this piece left before or after baptism.  I suspect it’s a mix of situations.

And: Amish choose non-Amish lives for various reasons, and come from a variety of backgrounds and situations.  Here we are getting a story viewed mainly through the lens of one person’s experience, a gentleman named Mose Gingerich.  Mose is formerly of a Wisconsin Amish community and appeared on the “Amish in the City” program a few years ago.


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