amish-listsWhich are the largest Amish settlements? What are favorite Amish pastimes? Enjoy these “Top” lists covering Amish communities, buggies, myths and more.  Is there a list you’d like to see? Suggest it in the comments section and you just might.

10 Largest Amish Settlements
10 Oldest Amish Settlements
10 Common Amish Surnames
8 Reasons Amish Migrate
7 Most Scenic Amish Communities
6 Reasons Why We’re Fascinated by the Amish
5 Favorite Amish Pastimes
5 Buggy Styles
5 Ways Amish Get Around (Without a Buggy)
5 Fastest-Growing Amish Settlements
5 Fascinating Amish Population Facts
3 Head-Scratching Amish Myths

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