Favorite Posts of 2021

I like to end the year with a look back at some favorite posts of the past 12 months. These were posts with a positive theme, that got a lot of comments, and/or are just personal favorites. Rather than order them by topic as I’ve done before, this year I’ve just listed them in chronological order.

Recollecting the year gone by, I want to include one sad note – I learned just yesterday that Don Shenk, whose photos featured here in a post and video in October, passed away a week ago (Not to be confused with Don Burke, whose photos also appear here). Don Shenk took some very lovely photos of Amish in Lancaster County over many years and published two photo collections. I want to note his work once again here and extend condolences to his family and friends. His post appears in this list, and you can also find it here. Don titled this photo below “Pressing On”, and described it as “one of my top 10 favorites”.

Thanks to each one of you for visiting this site and supporting what we do here, it is truly appreciated. When I started this site in 2006 I had no idea that I’d still be at it fifteen years later. No small part of that is because of the support and interest of you. I wish you a happy and blessed New Year and good things to come in 2022.

Favorite posts of 2021

A Visit To The Amish Of Summers County, West Virginia (42 Photos)
Humorous “Amish” Photo Promotes Pothole Repair
This Amish Farmhouse & 63-Acre Dairy Is Being Sold Today (29 Photos)
700 Amish & Mennonites Singing On A Cruise Ship (Video)
The Old Order Mennonite Population (Horse & Buggy): 38,000+ in The US, Canada & Belize
Amish Boy Helps Twin Brother Following Severe Burns (2016)

Inside An Amish Home With A Picture-Perfect Interior (21 Photos)
A Dozen Amishmen Collect Ice From A Frozen Pond (14 Photos)
The New Order Amish in Lancaster County
An Amish-English Softball Game in Pinecraft (61 Photos)
The “Gelt Bus” Brings Banking-On-Wheels To Amish In Lancaster County
Amish “Supercounties”
Look Inside An Amish Home (With Floor Plan) – 30 Photos

Inside The Walker Valley Market (24 Photos)
3 Interesting Facts About Holmes County Amish Weddings
Ride Through The Only Texas Amish Community (Video)
Who Was Jakob Ammann? Q-and-A & Book Giveaway
Inside A Cheerful Swiss Amish Home (30 Photos)
12 More Jobs Done By Amish Women
What An Amish Meetinghouse Looks Like

Q&A with Milo Miller, Publisher of The Budget & The Diary (Book Giveaway)
The Amish Bishop With Churches In Two Countries
The 25 Amish Communities At Least 100 Years Old
One Amishman’s Daily Schedule
Listen To Amish Sing 2 Hymns – German & English (Audio)
Some Surprises From The 2021 Gratz Mud Sale (14 Photos)
Ohio Sheriff Pulls Over Speeder…Minutes Later, Helps Deliver Amish Baby

The Amish of Daviess County, Indiana (17 Photos)
A Short Film on Former Amish Convert – Now “Amish Atheist” – Kenneth Copp
At The West Kootenai (Montana) Amish Benefit Auction (12 Photos)
Gloria Yoder: Why Am I Amish?
Old Order Amish Author Linda Byler On Writing 39 Novels
A Virtual Visit To A Small & Plain Amish Community (35 Photos)

The Amish of Parke County, Indiana (24 Photos)
The Amish Population in 2021
Amish Raise Barn For English Neighbors After Fire
The 14 “Two-State” Amish Settlements
The Amish & E-bikes
2021 Amish Settlement List (600+ Communities)
An “Ohio Nebraska” Amish Home For Sale (15 Photos)

Picturing The Amish – Q&A with Photographer Don Burke (Part 1)
Picturing The Amish – Q&A with Photographer Don Burke (Part 2)
The Amish & Music: Instruments, Singing, Popular Music? (Video)
Non-Amish Man Puts Up 100 “Please Slow Down” Signs For Amish Neighbors
Inside A Converted Maine Swartzentruber Amish Home (14 Photos)
Nickel Mines & Amish Forgiveness. 15 Years Later (Video)
“What I Learned from the Amish with Donald Kraybill”: Community
Unmarried & Amish? (Video)

Amish Images by Don Shenk (10 Photos & Video)
27 Photos of an English Amish Home (…English, Indiana)
Amish Life: Shipshewana (Video)
Comparing Amish & Mennonites (Video)
10 Views From Kentucky Amish Communities
How Do Amish Celebrate Christmas?

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