From the outside, this Pennsylvania Amish home is neat and tidy but not particularly remarkable:

But inside, the photos are some of the nicest I’ve seen of an Amish home interior:

I think that’s in part due to the quality of the photography, but the home is very neat with a lot of nice woodwork and furniture, crisp colors, and has a classic Amish look to it.

This is Fredonia, Pa, which is in Mercer County. Mercer is one of a handful of Amish “supercounties“, a term I just coined to describe those counties with a half-dozen or more distinct settlements lying all or partially within their borders (stay tuned for a post on this).

The founders of the Fredonia settlement put down roots in 1990. Thirty years later, three Amish church districts have been established.

So why did this family decide to put their home up for sale on the online market? We don’t know. But we do have the realtor’s description of the place from the listing. Let’s have a look:

Bring the kids and the horses to this meticulous and spacious farmhouse claiming 7 bedrooms in all!! The original structure was purchased by an Amish family in 2001 and additions were made in the years since. There is a well and septic on the property, as well as electric lines to the house. Beautiful hardwood floors throughout in this well built home.

The 8 year old barn has water and 7 horse stalls that opens to the pasture. The 43×21 outbuilding is an added bonus! The circular driveway leads to the garage as well as the back of the house. This large and welcoming home can be converted back to a modern home quite easily. The home and landscaped grounds are on one acre, and the pasture and fields around the property are rented from the neighbor. The screened in porch is another bonus!

Seven bedrooms sounds like an Amish place doesn’t it? We’ll see some of those below. No square footage figure is given, but we do know it’s on just a 0.83 acre lot, tiny by Amish standards. It sounds like it was built as a non-Amish home and this family made some additions and changes to it.

Another look at the kitchen:

Other spaces:

On to the bedrooms. Pretty fancy bed in this bedroom:

That’s the biggest name hanging I’ve ever seen:

How about the vibrant decor in the second girl’s room – several Native American windcatchers and one of those spiral things that I don’t know the exact name for. These are popular items of decor for Amish youth rooms.

The boys’ rooms are simpler:

I don’t recall seeing one like this before – a large pipe (looks like a stove pipe coming up out of the basement) runs from floor-to-ceiling in this room with a small bed:

Not sure what this room is for – storage and playing?

The porch space’s neat look matches that of the interior:

And a look at the back door and buggies in the garage:

They don’t appear to be the most progressive buggies (open fronts and roll-up sides), though I’d say parts of the home had a more materially fancy look to it.

The price?

This home was last sold in 2019 for $125,000 and is currently off the market.

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