What makes this home particularly interesting is that it is another, originally English-built, home that a Swartzentruber family converted to their needs. This is actually the second home from this community at Whitefield, Maine (previously we had a look at the home I nicknamed “blue barn”).

You can tell instantly that it’s not built in the distinct Swartzentruber style, going by features you’ll see below such as floor tiling, kitchen island, and exposed wooden rafters, to name a few, giving it away. The description notes that the only plumbing in the home is the kitchen sink and I wonder if it wasn’t just left in when the home was purchased (though they took the trouble to remove the bathroom).

Here’s the full listing via Zillow:

Great for farmers and equestrian lovers! Property has many extras including: timber frame barn, large new barn built by Amish, cabin with extra living quarters above, two green houses, two garages, two wells (one at 100 GPM), established blueberry bushes. Only current plumbing is Kitchen sink, Bathroom removed.

The kitchen. Note what looks like a large coffee dispenser on the right. Other plain Amish elements like the oil lamp and single blue curtain pulled to one side.

Kitchen from another angle, with the island visible with its fancy countertop. Features like electric sockets and switches also indicate the English origin of this home.

These cabinets look pretty Amish to me. I’m not sure what I’m seeing just to the right of the chair though.

A heating stove in a living room. This home is relatively small by the way, at just 1,329 square feet. What other “Amish” features do you see?

Another angle. Inviting rocker.

Looks like the main bedroom, with crib. There is a fairly widespread myth that Amish homes don’t have curtains.

Upstairs bedroom.

All-purpose room.

A portable building maker lives here.

You can see what looks like a couple of finished buildings here.

In this photo you can just make out a buggy which lacks an SMV triangle and the lantern hung on the side, typical of Swartzentruber Amish.

The timber frame barn.

The home is currently for sale (via Hoang Realty), on 30 acres of land. So how much?

The property is listed at $400,000.

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